Books of the Dead

Welcome Horror Fans to SGM's Horrific Book page! Here we'll look at all the coolest books and magazines around the Horror scene. Just click on a publisher's name to get a look at the selection of the various great film books and magazines available!

Alternative Cinema

US magazine for underground film-makers

Alternative Screen

Hot new UK fanzine


Cool exploitation fanzine

Bloody Skull Comix

The finest in exploitation comics

Burning House/Bloody Books

Indie UK Publisher, home of Adèle Hartley

Cannibal Culture

Great Horror Mag from Vancouver, Canada


Diverse new fanzine!

Chimera Arts

Cool independent horror comics


Hot new UK genre fanzine

D H Publishing

Specialists in deluxe Asian tomes

DVD World

Top shelf UK horror and porn!

Exquisite Terror

Excellent UK genre fanzine

F.A.B. Press

Publishers of stunning Horror Books


The long running US horror magazine

Film FanAddict

Mark Murray's new genre zine


The Ultimate UK Horror Magazine

The Hacker's Source

The Gateway to Independent Horror

Headpress Publishing

Quality Genre Publications

Jock Kirby Comix

Comics for the criminally insane

McFarland & Co Publishing

Publishers of 'Going to Pieces'

Media Publications

Quality Genre Publications

Midnight Media

Quality Genre Magazines

The Monster

Publishers of 'Monster Movie Memories'

Noir Publishing

Excellent New Horror Publisher

Peveril Publishing

Independent fantasy film publisher

Plexus Publishing

UK Genre Publisher

Profondo Rosso

Argento & Cozzi's publishing line

Rough Cut Comics

Cool Scottish Comic Publishers

Rue Morgue

Canada's essential horror read


The Diabolikal Super-Kriminal

Scar Comics

Home of Dead By Dawn Quarterly

Scared to Death

British horror fanzine

Scream Magazine

Hot new British horror magazine

Shinbaku Books

The finest in Japanese counter culture

Siki City

The ultimate in splatter fiction

SpiderBaby Grafix

Stephen R Bissette's excellent horror line

Stray Cat

Publishers of The Darkside Magazine

Troma Comics

Troma attack the comic book market

Ultra Violent

Hot New US Horror Magazine


Cinema of the Extreme

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