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Older readers (myself included) will remember back in the 80's Fangoria launched a spin off magazine titled Gorezone, like many I hunted down each edition doggedly savoring the bloody goodness over and over again. Sadly though, like all good things, the magazine didn't last very long and vanished into oblivion. Twenty years later though I receive a copy of issue 15 of a new Gorezone magazine and my interest (and bloodlust for splatter fun) is peaked yet again…

Firstly, it should be pointed out that this not (and I repeat not) a relaunch of that beloved 80's magazine nor is it affiliated in any way with Fangoria but rather is the gut munching brainchild of horror fanatic Bryn Hammond and a damn good read it is too! Secondly, I have to ask myself where the hell have I been for the first 14 issues of this fine publication and as it streets (at time of writing) with issue 18 I have to ask if you've not come onboard then where have you been too!

Whilst old school UK genre mags such as The Dark Side and Shivers plod along doing what they do (and amiable as they are there's no denying they're covering pretty safe ground staying within the remits of classics and mainstream genre movies) along comes the fresher young splatter upstart that is GoreZone and throws a colourful array of guts and indie cinema our way for our horror loving delectation.

And it is the mags staff writers infectious enthusiasm that comes across very well throughout that makes GoreZone a truly excellent read. Take issue 18 for example, as well as a refreshingly candid interview with Daniel (Children of the Corn) Cerny "I think I received one fan letter from some 40 year old housewife in Oklahoma, I remember thinking that was my fan base", there's excellent regular features such as Marky Andrew's make up effects masterclass (this edition going back to basics with how to stab actors in various fun ways), horror hottie Suzi Lorraine's column report on the Evil Dead musical (a show I'm desperate to see, more so after reading Suzi's column) and some great debate articles that should tweak the conversational interest of any genre fan reading (this month various industry insiders are discussing Indie Horror versus Mainstream Terror). And add to this the ever welcome addition of overview features (this issue looking at the werewolf genre, J-horror and Scream Queens) alongside movie reports and DVD reviews you have a pretty much flawless package in GoreZone magazine. Even better is the fact that the whole blood soaked caboodle is presented in high end glossy paper and full colour throughout (well would you have your gory movie images any other way?)

Its still early days for GoreZone magazine but even now you can see the genesis of something special for horror fans. I've no doubt that as the mag progresses (we're promised a new look from issue 19, can't wait) GoreZone has the potential to become a contender for the best horror magazine. Check it out now!

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