Film FanAddict

Film Fan Addict Number Three

Film FanAddictDamn it, how do they do it? The first edition of Film Fan Addict was a great read, even ignoring the all newsprint presentation you couldn't ignore the talent contained therein. Great articles, informative reviews and seriously impressive interviews. Issue two upped the ante on the presentation from with a nice shiny glossy cover and content that we here at SGM couldn't deny would give any genre publication a right good run for their money. We thought they couldn't top that but only three issues in and Film Fan Addict has upped the ante yet again not only in its presentation (the mag is now high grade gloss paper throughout) but with content that unquestionably sets new standards in massively varied genre related coverage reading but clearly does not pander to the publicists that other so called genre magazines do. You wont find front cover leader coverage of the latest multiplex horror movie here (I can hear the PR lackey saying to other publications "hey, we'll get you onto the set of I Know What You Farted Last Festivus if you give us the cover", what you will find is simply genre coverage for genre fans. What other magazine would put Dune on the front cover and in large type boast of its extensive interview with 70's genre icon Lynn Lowry? At this time only Film Fan Addict would.

In this third edition the coverage is as varied as we would ever want it to be…whilst I've never been a fan of Dune as such I found the extended coverage surprisingly fascinating (John Harrison and Stephen Youll chat candidly about their involvement in the franchise whilst Brian Herbert gives a personal overview of his part in carrying the torch of his fathers creation)…Lynn Lowry (the hippy wet dream for many genre fans from her very memorable appearances in The Crazies and I Drink Your Blood) is refreshingly down to earth and again candidly honest in her interview about her career…editor/publisher Mark Jason Murray's lengthy extended coverage of Kinji Fukasaku's Yakuza series is worth the entry price alone…and that's before we even go onto the many other diverse subjects that this edition covers (which includes everything from wild man comic Paul Lynde to the much beloved Valley of the Dolls)…and lest we forget the always welcome genre magazine inclusion of various genre DVD reviews.

With this third edition of Film Fan Addict we can quite confidently say that this is now without doubt the best genre magazine currently published in the North America/USA market. If you haven't discovered its delights yet then do so now (before those early back issues become costly collectables) - wholly 100% SGM approved!

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'Film FanAddict' number two

Film FanAddictFollowing up its debut newsprint first edition, editor/publisher Mark Jason Murray bring 'Film Fan Addict' issue two to us and manages to deliver a superior jam packed magazine that amazingly surpasses most of its genre publishing counterparts.

First off, this second edition moves from the fanzine style newsprint cover to a nice glossy full colour cover…and whilst the upgrade in presentation is very welcome it's the interior content that essentially matters. As well as some intelligent well written overviews of such genre delights as Park Chan-Wook's vengeance trilogy, Asian hottie Karena Lam and the finest DVD releases of 2005 this second issue is mostly stuffed to the guddles with several fascinating exclusive interviews…including everyones favourite ham actor knucklehead Bruce Campbell (an interviewers dream, always the showman), nasty nazi auteur Don Edmonds (with some brutally honest observations of his career), trash cinema king John Waters (on his Hollywood resurgence and own genre faves), Henry director John McNaughton (on his seminal movie and career since) and animator Ralph Bakshi (on his successful underground works such as Fritz the Cat and Coonskin).

With as strong a line up of interviewees alone you wonder how not only can Film Fan Addict keep this standard of excellence up but also how the magazines publishing rivals (Fangoria et al) can possibly compete (which is an impressive feat for such a new venture). Likewise, whilst most other genre publications (in the main the US ventures) often read like extended press releases for their included features Film fan Addict reads wholly independent and it is this which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Only two issues under its belt and already shaping up to be the best US genre publication…order your copies now before these small press editions become the rightful collectors items they are destined to be. A cracking read - highly recommended!

'Film FanAddict' number one

Film FanAddict Long time horror fans may remember with great affection the long lamented US genre retailer 'Shocking Images', one of the original online suppliers of genre goodies that has since sadly closed its doors. Many of its customers will remember the friendly and informative help they always got from Shocking Images knowledgeable proprietor Mark Jason Murray and perhaps wondered what happened to Mark following Shocking Images demise? Well you need wonder no longer as Mark has returned to utilise his love and knowledge of the genre scene with the publication of his new 'Film FanAddict' fanzine.

'Film FanAddict' is a glorious return to form for the genre fanzine and with its first edition proudly sets a standard in quality coverage that has been long missed in the fanzine circuit. As well as loving overviews of Brit zombie gem 'Shaun of the Dead' and Artsmagic's Miike movies and the deranged 'Angel Guts' series the first issue also contains lengthy and wholly entertaining interviews with everyone's favourite Godfather of Gore Herschell Gordon Lewis and exploitation hottie Tura Satana - both of which are worth the purchase price of the fanzine alone. Each interview discusses in great depth said individuals life long work and should be the perfect example to any upcoming wannabe film scribe just how this sort of piece should be done - excellent reading throughout.

It's nigh on impossible to find fault with this first edition of 'Film FanAddict' as even with this debut edition it's closer to reading a high end genre magazine rather than a low budget fanzine but if anything (and we're digging deep here) it perhaps is only slightly let down with the newsprint format printing it's delivered to us in and hopefully with the help of some deserved advertising revenue we'll see glossier stock used for at least the zines cover in future editions.

'Film FanAddict' is a welcome newcomer to the genre fanzine market and one I've no doubt we'll see blossom and grow. Don't waste anytime and pick up the first edition of 'Film FanAddict' now - welcome back Mark, keep 'em coming!

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