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Jock Kirby's The Wild, The (Not So) Beautiful and the Damned

Jock Kirby's The Wild, The (Not So) Beautiful and the DamnedNow here's where the comic book scene just gets way too freaky for me…as regular SGM readers will know your beloved editor Al Sex Gore (that's me) spent a chunk of his misled youth (during the 1980's, god I'm old) playing drums for 'famous for no minutes' goth band Scrapheap, after some promising headline shows in old Londonium the band imploded only to reform briefly recently to film a music video for Dragon's 'Suspiria' DVD release.

Now for me I thought that was that, until a copy of 'Jock Kirby's The Wild, The (Not So) Beautiful and the Damned' arrived here at SGM Towers and once I was roused from the floor after fainting I spent the next hour or so laughing heartily at the wild comic book fun that unfolded before me. Working under the dubious pseudonym of Jock Kirby (what a hoot!) Al Sex Gore's brother (and lead man from Scrapheap) John Simpson has put together a massive giant-sized bumper comic book treat which can only be described as ultra violent, deeply perverse and mentally deranged.

Now like myself, you too can watch your jaw hit the ground as you indulge in the 'Curse of the Scrapheap' as the band take on a slew of mutants in gory kung fu action (and humiliating enough for this hapless SGM editor see Al Sex Gore 'get it on' with some deformed freaks). Horror Mood fans of 70's Skywald publishing should get a kick from the spin off of the recently republished Al Hewetson gem 'Saga of the Victims' and the 'uncut' showing of the all new Heap strip. But perhaps best off all folk should get a buzz from this welcome (albeit deranged) trip down memory lane of perverse dangerous comic books - the likes we haven't seen since the underground heydays of the early 70's.

Sleazy, uber violent entertainment for the criminally insane and admittedly even though I personally should wish that no one ever see me (more so in giant-sized comic book form) act in such a manner I can't deny the fact that I found it all bewilderingly entertaining.

Thankfully there's only 100 signed copies at this time in existence so I've time to try buy them all up before too many folk see this one…if you're determined to be corrupted though you can order one of these direct by sending 5 UK pounds (postage inclusive) to...

John Simpson, Flat 1/1, 5 Harland Cottages, Scotstoun, Glasgow, Scotland, G14 0AS

...and if you state you're a SGM reader you'll get a randomly selected film poster thrown in too! Are you brave enough?