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Many of our readers will be more than familiar with the fine service that Trevor Barley has offered for many years through his Media Publications website. So it was with great interest that we checked out some of his equally fine magazine publications...

DVD Zone: The Region Free Magazine
DVD Zone: The Region Free Magazine

This glossy magazine was titled so to (in Barley's own words) "blow a raspberry to at the greedy big brother film industries who want to control our viewing habits by zone" and we couldn't agree with the sentiment more.

Each edition of 'DVD Zone: the Region Free Magazine' contains 32 big glossy pages not only packed full with lovely horror images but is positively bustling with information on the growing number of DVD's that are flooding the market. The cool thing about this particular magazine though is that it not only reviews a multitude of global DVD releases but has some excellent articles comparing the variant versions that are released in different regional markets - now how cool is that eh?

Issue one reviews around 50 or so very differing DVD releases ranging from Autopsy to Maniac Nurses Find Ecstasy - every film covered with all you'd need to know synopsis, image, sound and bonus material etc. In fact not too unlike our very own reviews here at SGM but I must admit there's something cool about reading this stuff in the printed format (also DVD Zone utilises some great graphics from the stills collection!). Titles that come under the regional comparison microscope in this first edition include Argento's Tenebrae and Fucli's 'City of the Living Dead' - so which is the best release to go for? Now that would be telling! Also included in the first issue is a nice piece on clearing up some of the often confusing details of some DVD releases (like the Red Editions and which version of your Euro fave should you be buying?) A nice section that I look forward to see expanding over coming issues.

DVD Zone: The Region Free Magazine

The second issue of 'DVD Zone' spotlights Romero's Dead Trilogy on DVD and makes regional comparisons with such delights as 'Last House on the Left', 'Wax Mask', Argento's seminal 'Suspiria', 'Phenomena' and more. In fact the coverage of regional differences is greater in this edition spilling over into many of the main reviews making this an even more essential read for DVD collectors. Amongst the dozens of DVD reviews you'll find all sorts from the 'All Night Long' trilogy to an excellent piece on 'Baise Moi' and 'La Mante Religieuse' which I'm now very keen to see!

'DVD Zone' is a cracking read that you'll keep picking up and referring back to. Ideal reading for the toilet/bed/back alleys (delete as applicable). Check it out!


SineramaFollowing the success of 'DVD Zone' magazine Media Publications follow up with the debut of their magazine dedicated to the seedier (and fun) exploitation movie scene 'Sinerama'.

This very welcome publication covers all types of exploitation flicks in any available format, whether it be video, vcd or DVD. If it's on the edge of bizarre cinema then these guys are tracking them down and reviewing them for your delectation. From the far flung perverted antics of the Asian Category market to the low budget drive in splatter of backwater America, it's all here in 32 bog glossy pages of late night reading fun!

This first editions main points of interest include extensive coverage of the output from Japan Shock video curiously fascinating 'Fantom Kiler' (which I'm desperate to see released on English subtitled DVD, so how about it Trevor?)There's also full coverage on companies like Midnite Movies, Parc Video and Italian impresarios Nocturno Cinema (get the full skinny on Bianchi's lovely Malabimba and more!) as well as stacks of reviews of some of the more questionable Asian titles (like The Unpublicizable File and Love to Kill).

A fascinating trip into the sleazier side of genre cinema and hence an essential read for any SGM reader. Go on you know you want to check it out!

For more information and ordering details on both 'DVD Zone' and 'Sinerama' then check out the Media Publications website by clicking click here. Readers may also be interested Media Publications excellent mini catalogue/magazine 'Media Scene' that is available on an irregular basis for the nice price of 1! It's a lovely wee mini guide to all the multitude of cool genre magazines, books, videos and DVD's that are out there now, complete with some News coverage too. Highly recommended stuff - chuck a pound Media's way now for some perfect toilet sitting reading fun!