'Arteries' issue four

Arteries issue 4I have to say I'm thrilled with 'Arteries', as it reaches its fourth edition the one thing that really stands out is what started as a cool wee genre fanzine is before your eyes turning into one of the best horror magazines out there - but what's changed?

Well the bulk of the presentation is pretty much retained, you get a welcomely large selection of reviews of very diverse genre movies - everything from the brutality of the Asian Category 3 scene ('Red to Kill', 'The Shackle' etc) to the more mainstream horror delights (as 'Return of the Living Dead 3', 'Re-Animator' etc) but now we also get the welcome addition of a selection of thoroughly engrossing interview pieces. In this latest edition there's three interviews on offer with new Asian kids on the UK block 'Artsmagic' discussing their impending genre DVD releases, old school heroes 'Hong Kong Legends' main man Brian White gives a very honest and refreshing chat about himself and his work with this fine companies stunning output and last but not least there's a great interview with everyone's favourite UK splatter merchant Alex Chandon who candidly discusses his career.

This latest edition sadly brings a slight price increase (to 4.99) but when you consider you're getting 80 glossy pages of horrific reading that are absolutely stuffed to the guddles with fascinating stuff you really have little room to complain. My only minor quibble I have with some of the reviews though is be warned that some do contain spoilers of film finales (which ain't much good if you haven't seen the movie being discussed) but this is as I say a minor quibble as in the main 'Arteries' is a cracking read and perfect in its A5 sizing to take with you wherever you choose to read it (the lav and bed are my own two preferences!)

Hopefully most of you will have picked up an earlier edition of 'Arteries' (and its companion mag 'Deranged') and will know that you're getting a great deal when you pick this baby up. Keep supporting the fan magazine scene and watch mags like this bloom into genre fan favourites. Lovely stuff - pick one up now!

The mag retails for 4.99 but SGM readers can pick it up for the exclusive nice price of 4 (including postage) for a limited time from the publisher by clicking here. Take advantage of this special deal now!