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Alternative Cinema no.19

Alternative Cinema no.19I was pretty naive about the output of the folk at Alternative Cinema until I had the deranged pleasure of checking out some of their DVD releases ('Nurse Sherri', 'Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula' et al - check out our DVD Reviews) and my curiosity was peaked when I trawled through their trailer reels of their gorgeous looking 'Retro' release schedule and (of course) clapped eyes on the stunningly gorgeous Misty Mundae at their website. So I was very pleased when a copy of their 'Alternative Cinema' magazine arrived here at SGM Towers...

This sporadically published (well quarterly) glossy exploitation magazine reaches issue 19 (Winter 2002) with a fine mix of cool reading that complements their release schedule nicely. First up there's an insightful interview with 'Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula' director Donald Glut (which personally brought back pleasant memories of Glut's old comic book hey day!) - a very outspoken man who doesn't mess around when it comes to speaking out about the genre industry. For Misty Mundae fans there's a decent enough filler piece on her work which (happily for me) includes a photo scrapbook (full of many of my own favourite piccys of this sexy vixen) which means Misty can go to the toilet with lust hungry fan boys now (he he!)

Supporting their commitment to new film-makers there's a nice article on Brain Paulin's vampire flick 'At Dawn They Sleep' and the ever burgeoning out-put of Michael Johnson ('Blood Kiss', 'Serial Killer Massacre', 'Tales from the Cannibal Side' etc) - both articles give a nice insight into the early days of low budget film-making.

But it is the main leader stories that should be of great interest to genre fans. There's a very honest and down to earth interview with double-D B-movie queen Julie Strain, an in-depth piece on Factory 2000's infamous docu-drama 'Duck! The Carbine High Massacre' and best of all a delicious interview with legendary exploitation film-maker Sam Sherman (of 'Nurse Sherri' and the 'Naughty Stewardesses' fame) which is an engrossing read for fans of the retro-exploitation movie scene and the article includes some groovy rare stills from Sherman's private collection. A great read, in fact I could almost forgive him for the torturous 'Raiders of the Living Dead' (well maybe not!)

Perhaps the only criticism that some folk might level at Alternative Cinema's magazine is the fact that it's pushing their product but I don't see any problem with that. The magazine's a fun read and very salaciously packed with lots of tasty genre babes. Ideal reading on public transport (not!) and a great feeder into the Alternative Cinema movie line! Check it out!

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