Bloody Skull Comix

Splat-tastic!! It's very likely you will never have heard of 'Bloody Skull Comix' (or any of its predecessors such as 'Crypt of Sadism', 'Tomb of Satanic Gore' or 'Tales From Uranus'), but if you're a fan of 70s/80s gore movies then step right up for the comic book ride of the century!

In all seriousness, 'Bloody Skull Comix' are without doubt the finest splatter comic books that have ever graced print and not since the heyday of the old EC horror line (Tales of the Crypt, Vault of Horror et al) have we been delivered such wild extreme unadulterated horror fun!

Each issue of 'Blood Skull Comix' contains 20 full colour pages of graphic insanity written, drawn and coloured by a talented madman called simply 'Jake' who self publishes these works of genius that are quite simply essential reading for any SGM reader.

With story titles like 'Scream Fucker Scream', 'Zombie Gorebath', 'Claws of the Fetus', 'The Unholy Wrath of the Face Rapers' and 'Blood Cult on Zombie Island' (a stunning tribute to the Italian cannibal gut munchers) it goes without saying these strips deliver exactly what you would expect…extreme gore violence, sleazy action and guts by the bucket load along with stacks of laughs to keep most genre fans sated.

Reading like a crazed mix of Herschell Gordon Lewis, Lucio Fulci by way of Knockabout Comics, the 'Bloody Skull Comix' line are available exclusively online direct from creator/publisher Jake ($5 US/$7 international including shipping) via his website here. If you're buying one mag this month then make it this one - the best horror comic in years, buy buy buy!!!