Fangoria no.208

Ahhh, Fangoria! Now I'd be amazed if any readers out there haven't picked up a copy of Fangoria over the years. Undeniably a niggling influence on most teenage horror fans as part of the genre movie discovery process and welcomingly still growing strong to this day! Like its UK counterpart 'The Dark Side', 'Fangoria' has chosen to stick to a well-structured design template whilst delivering a regular and welcome mix of reviews of movies, books, videos and (of course) the shiny DVD format!

Fangoria no.208The latest edition available here in the UK (no.208) contains a nice mix of mainstream US and low budget horror, as well as a nice sprinkling of Euro and Asian action to keep everyone satisfied. On the big box office front there's coverage of the highly successful Alan Moore adaptation 'From Hell', Ernest Dickerson's (of the underrated 'Demon Knight' fame) gore/blaxploitation shocker 'Bones', the continuing revival of Willam Castle's work in '13 Ghosts', the stunning looking 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' and inevitably Pete Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings'!

But before the mag's critics go screaming foul at the mainstream coverage they may want to take note of some fine independent cinema articles too! At long last William Wesley (of 'Scarecrows' fame) unveils his tasty new shocker 'Route 666', David DeCoteau pays respect to the horror genre and there's a fun peek at 'Satan's Menagerie'! Fans of effects work will enjoy the interesting piece on effects wizards Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr, and there's an all too brief article on Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors.

Finally, lest we forget all those Fango regulars like the Postal Zone letters section (which often gives me a chuckle), the Terror Teletype and the Video Chopping List (great snippets of movie news and release schedules), the long running 'Video Eye of Dr Cyclops' and the 'DVD Dungeon' (both sections desperately need more page count!) and not forgetting the 'Nightmare Library' (for those of you that still tear your way through the written word!)

84 full colour pages of genre fun and even after all this time it's still a damn fine read! Sadly though many UK readers may still have bother picking it up. I know I felt slightly burned paying around 5 (sticker price) to the money grabbing folk at the Forbidden Planet chain even though the cover has a printed UK price on the cover of only 3.75!! So shop around!