Alternative Screen

Alternative Screen no.2

Alternative Screen no.2SGM are always thrilled when any genre related fanzine arrives in the post, well the fanzine is where we came from and where still we can find a rich source of enjoyable underground cinema reading entertainment. And with 'Alternative Screen' issue two we are not disappointed.

Iain Smith's low budget genre zine takes the leap from the photocopier to the printed page with this second edition but manages to maintain the old school fanzine reading style. The interview and review content is as diverse as the folk the articles are covering with a mix of fascinating and on occasion downright awkward reading.

On the 'fascinating' front we have relaxed and engaging interviews with the likes of Ingrid Pitt ("fags and vodka do the trick for me every time" she states of lengthy make up processes), and Robert Burns (the little discussed but talented art director of classics such as Texas Chainsaw and Re-Animator) whilst on the 'awkward' side there are the cringing chats with media whore (albeit nice bloke)/Troma gaffer Lloyd Kaufman conducted whilst he pisses in the urinal (making fumbling unhumourus advances to the interviewer) and Nigel (Salvation) Wingrove who whilst has indeed plenty to say continues to simply sound like someone immersed in self promotion. Whichever way all the interviewees respond to their questioning though it does indeed make for fascinating reading and this is what makes 'Alternative Screen' stand out from it's competitors.

Along with interviews with art house gay porn auteur Bruce La Bruce, top bloke David (Kung Fu) Carradine, a kinetic mix of diverse reviews (everything from Irreversible to Citizen Toxie) and more all packaged in a handy wee digest sized fanzine makes 'Alternative Screen' a welcome addition to any genre fans library.

If there was anything to criticise (and we're digging deep here) it would have to be the lacking black imageless cover which in honesty wont have anyone reaching to pick this off the shelf, which is a shame considering all the good reading inside. So hopefully with issue three we'll see something garish upfront to get folk digging deep into their pockets…but as is always the case with any fanzine, they will only keep running if you do indeed add your support to their cause - 'Alternative Screen' is indeed worth your attention so check it out now!

'Alternative Screen' can be ordered from the sumly amount of £2.50 (p&p incl) direct from Iain Smith by clicking here or for a limited time you can request a free copy when you spend £15 or more at FAB Press (just tell 'em SGM sent you!)