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Spotlight - Unleashing The Evil Within An Interview with Michael Luceri

Spotlight - Savage Sinema Mark Savage Interviewed

Spotlight - Horror Hades An Interview with Kevin Kopacka

Spotlight - Blood Brothers The Return of the Rasmussen Brothers

Spotlight - The Ecstasy Of Indie Filmmaking Jason Figgis Interviewed

Spotlight - Welcome to The Borderlands Elliot Goldner Interviewed

Spotlight - Filming a Darker Dawn Jason Figgis Interviewed

Spotlight - Hail Hydra-X! Andrew Leckonby Interviewed

Spotlight - The Sinister Visions of Kim Sønderholm Stu Willis chats to the actor/filmmaker

Spotlight - Sex, Lies and Depravity Jason Impey and Wade Radford reveal all

Spotlight - Dark Dreams The Rasmussen Brothers Interviewed

Spotlight - Battling Budgets David Campion Interviewed

Spotlight - Reviving Horror Seth Patrick Interviewed by Tracey Katz

Spotlight - Inside The Broken Mind Of Bazz Hancher interviewed

Spotlight - Blood For Chris Alexander Filmmaker, musician, publisher interviewed

Spotlight - I Didn’t Come Here To Die! Bradley Scott Sullivan Interviewed

Spotlight - American Mary Spotlight Marc Lissenburg meets Jen and Sylvia Soska

Spotlight - CELLULOID SCREAMS 2012 Film Festival Review by Marc Lissenburg

Spotlight - Shadow of Death Spotlight Grindhouse Gav Chuckie Steel Interviewed

Spotlight - B-Movie Fans Seek Same filmmaker, director and playwright Madeleine Olnek interviewed

Spotlight - The Return of Italian Exploitation The Manetti Bros Interviewed

Spotlight - What’s In The Basket? SGM Special Part 2 Award winning effects maestro Kevin Haney Interviewed

Spotlight - What’s In The Basket? SGM Special Part 1 Basket Case star Kevin Van Hentenryck Interviewed

Spotlight - Some Guy Who Films People Stu Willis catches up with director Jack Perez

Spotlight - Outpost Nazi Zombie Spotlight Marc Lissenburg chats to the team behind the OUTPOST movies, Steve Barker and Rae Brunton

Spotlight - Death Tales Terror Trio Stu Willis catches up with Jim Eaves, Pat Higgins and Alan Ronald

Spotlight - James Balsamo Spills His Guts! Stu Willis chats to the indie splatter guru

Spotlight - The Harsh Light of Oliver Milburn new filmmaker interview

Spotlight - Graham Humphreys – Exploitation Artist Extraordinaire Stu chats with the king of Quads!

Spotlight - Return of the Living Dead SGM Special Stu Willis chats to the stars of the undead classic

Spotlight - Dead By Dawn 2012 Marc Lissenburg makes his first trip to Scotland's No 1 Horror Fest

Spotlight - Short Shocks Interview with filmmaker Clive Tonge

Spotlight - A Visit to the Abertoir Stu Willis heads for Abertoir 2011

Spotlight - Inbred Special Alex Chandon Interviewed

Spotlight - Push the Button rising Brit filmmaker Chris Crow Interviewed

Spotlight - X-Maas Frights Stu Willis interviews Dutch filmmaker Dick Maas

Spotlight - Funding Fear Indie filmmakers Ben Simpson and David Campion Interviewed

Spotlight - A Force to be Reckoned With! Stu Willis catches up with filmmaker Andrew Barker

Spotlight - Strigoi Shocks Stu Willis chats to indie filmmaker Faye Jackson

Spotlight - Twisted Twins Talk 'Dead Hooker In Trunk' filmmakers Soska Sisters Interviewed!

Spotlight - Jason Impey Returns Stu Willis catches up with Britsploitation filmmaker Jason Impey

Spotlight - Horror Debutante Courtney Hope Marc Lissenburg chats to rising star Courtney Hope

Spotlight - AFTER DARK HORRORFEST Reviewed Marc Lissenburg gets back on the festival trail

Spotlight - SGM's Valentine's Day Treats The essential guide to love gifts by Paul Bird

Spotlight - Bram Stoker Film Festival Marc Lissenburg sinks his fangs into the fest fun

Spotlight - Black and Blue Exposed Stu Willis interviews Jonathan Sothcott

Spotlight - Zombie Movie Classics! SGM's guide to the essential zombie movies

Spotlight - Welcome to the Abertoir! Keri O'Shea chats to festival organiser Gaz Bailey

Spotlight - Entering the VoidPaul Bird interviews controversial filmmaker Gaspar Noé

Spotlight - Tim Sullivan - The Maniac Returns!Paul Bird meets up with horror maniac Tim Sullivan

Spotlight - Resurrecting the Street WalkerKeri O'Shea interviews filmmaker Ozgur Uyanik

Spotlight - Adam Mason - Beyond Blood River! Stu Willis takes time out with cult director Adam Mason

Spotlight - The Best of Britsploitation Stu Willis catches up with the cream of genre Britfilmakers

Spotlight - Pigs, Gore and More Stu Willis chats to South Korean filmmaker Jung-won Shin

Spotlight - Homecoming Horror - The Best of 2009 Al Sex Gore looks at the highs and lows of horror in 2009

Spotlight - Terror Nation Exposed Stu Willis catches up with Shane Mather to discuss his latest venture

Spotlight - An Invitation To Hell Michael J Murphy discusses his career with Stu Willis

Spotlight - Revenge Is My Destiny Stu Willis chats with The Horseman's Steve Kastrissios

Spotlight - The Hills Run Red Again Paul Bird meets up with SGM fave Dave Parker

Spotlight - Trick R Treat Paul Bird interviews filmmaker Michael Dougherty

Spotlight - Beyond Fury Stuart Willis catches up with SGM fave Darren Ward

Spotlight - Mark Tonderai Interviewed Stu Willis meets with the director of HUSH

Spotlight - Nacho Vigalondo Interviewed Stu Willis chats to the Timecrimes director

Spotlight - UK Indie Exposed - David Bryant Interviewed Stu Willis chats to upcoming filmmaker David Bryant

Spotlight - Alan Grant - Comics Legend Interviewed Al Sex Gore chats to comics writing legend Alan Grant

Spotlight - Shane Oakley - Horror Hero Interviewed Al Sex Gore chats to horror artist supreme Shane Oakley

Spotlight - New Masters of Horror - Tim Sullivan the filmmaker/horror storyteller interviewed

Spotlight - Film Noir Reborn - FILM NOIR directors Risto Topaloski and D. Jud Jones interviewed

Spotlight - Masters of Horror - Stuart Gordon - Al Sex Gore chats to genre icon Gordon about his career

Spotlight - UK Indie Exposed - Alex Bakshaev - Stu Willis chats to upcoming filmmaker Alex Bakshaev

Spotlight - 'The Vanguard' Unleashed - Stu Willis chats to Vanguard Director Matthew Hope

Spotlight - 'Dead by Dawn 2008' - Al Sex Gore reports from the UK's No.1 Horror Festival!

Spotlight - UK Indie Terror Exposed - Jason Impey- Stu Willis chats to Brit indie exploitation filmmaker Jason Impey

Spotlight - The State of the Scream #3: The Nazis Are Coming!- William Simmons interviews Keith 'Blitzkrieg' Crocker

Spotlight - UK Indie Terror Exposed - Jinx Media- Stu Willis chats to Jinx Media main man writer/director Pat Higgins

Spotlight - The State of the Scream 2: Synapse- William Simmons interviews Synapse main man Don May, Jr

Spotlight - The State of the Scream: Lucio Fulci Remembered- William Simmons interviews Fulci historian Mike Baronas

Spotlight - 'SGM Awards 2007'- results of the SGM Readers Voting for 2007!

Spotlight - 'Amateur Porn Star Killer' - Stu Willis interviews porn star killer Shane Ryan

Spotlight - 'Fantacide' - Stu Willis gets the lowdown with director Shane Mather

Spotlight - 'Nature Morte' - Stu Willis chats to writer/director Paul Burrows

Spotlight - 'Dead by Dawn 2007' - Al Sex Gore reports from the UK's No.1 Horror Festival!

Spotlight - 'SGM Awards 2006' - details of all the your favourite genre goodness for 2006!

Spotlight - 'Broken' - Stu Willis talks to the team behind the hot new must see horror classic!

Spotlight - 'Dead by Dawn 2006' - Stu Willis sobers long enough to reflect on the festival!

Spotlight - 'SGM Awards 2005' - details of all the winners and losers for 2005!

Spotlight - 'Sitges 2004' - Lars Erik Holmquist extensively reports on the Sitges 2003 festival

Spotlight - 'Mondo Macabro Interviewed' - Al Sex Gore chats exclusively with Mondo Macabro's Pete Tombs

Spotlight - 'Rob Zombie Interviewed' - SGM chat with the devils reject himself, Mr Rob Zombie

Spotlight - 'SGM Awards 2004' - details of all the winners and losers for 2004!

Spotlight - 'Dead by Dawn 2004' - Al Sex Gore goes ska in Edinburgh!

Spotlight - 'Switchblade Romance' - SGM chat with director Alexandre Aja and star Cecile De France

Spotlight - 'Hard Gore' - Al Sex Gore chats exclusively with Hard Gore's General Manager Andrew Kirkham

Spotlight - 'The Horror Channel' - Al Sex Gore chats exclusively with the team behind The Horror Channel

Spotlight - 'Sitges 2003' - Lars Erik Holmquist extensively reports on the Sitges 2003 festival

Spotlight - 'Dead by Dawn 2003' - Al Sex Gore gets blotto in Edinburgh!

Spotlight - 'Jeff Thomas' - In-depth interview with the writer/director of '13 Seconds'.

Spotlight - 'The SGM DVD Awards 2003' - SGM's 4th Annual Awards, voted by you the readers!

Spotlight - 'Misty Mundae - Mistress of Seduction' - In-depth chat with our favourite genre starlet!

Spotlight - 'Al Sex Gore goes International in Edinburgh' - Al checks out the Edinburgh International Film Festival!

Spotlight - 'Darren Ward - Rising Fury' - Carl Isonhart chats to the director of exploitation action gem Sudden Fury!

Spotlight - '10 Years of Flesh and Blood' - Alan's trip to London for the FAB Press Film Festival!

Spotlight - 'The SGM DVD Awards 2002' - SGM's 3rd Annual Awards, voted by you the readers!

Spotlight - William Winckler - exclusive SGM chat with the creator, producer and director of 'The Double D Avenger'

Spotlight - Blue Underground - exclusive SGM chat with Carl Daft and David Gregory of rising DVD stars Blue Underground

Spotlight - Alex Chandon - exclusive SGM chat with 'Cradle of Fear' director and UK splatter guru Alex Chandon

Spotlight - Kevin Lindenmuth - exclusive SGM chat with Independent filmaker/producer Kevin Lindenmuth

Spotlight - Herschell Gordon Lewis - interviewed SGM's exclusive chat with the Godfather of Gore!

Spotlight - 'Dead by Dawn' 2002 Festival Diary - The complete lowdown on this years event!

Spotlight - 'The SGM DVD Awards 2001' - SGM's 2nd annual DVD Awards, voted by you the readers!

Spotlight - 'Dark Desires & Digital Dreams' - Mike Thomason ponders those elusive unreleased DVD's!

Spotlight - 'Ed Gein' - the movie - overview of the cool serial killer thriller

Spotlight - Nightmare in the UK - One readers account of the real horror in the UK fan scene

Spotlight - Dead by Dawn 2001 - Fun and games at the coolest festival around!

Spotlight - Grindhouse Releasing - Exclusive interview/update on the upcoming Grindhouse projects 'Cannibal Holocaust' & 'I Drink Your Blood'

Spotlight - Dave Parker - Interviewed - Exclusive chat with the Director of 'The Dead Hate the Living'

Spotlight - Fantasia Report Part Two - 'Dead by Dawn's Adele Hartley's concluding Report on the Fantasia Fest

Spotlight - Fantasia Report Part One - 'Dead by Dawn's Adele Hartley's Reports on the Fantasia Fest

Spotlight - The State of Horror DVD - A rant about the Horror DVD scene!

Spotlight - DVD Awards 2000 - SGM's first annual DVD Awards

Spotlight - Horror Censorship - we take a look at the new classification guidelines

Spotlight - Cinema Horror - Adele Hartley looks at the the state of Cinema Horror

Spotlight - Bruiser - Carl Isonhart meets George Romero

Spotlight - Dawn of the Dead Campaign - The definitive Dawn DVD campaign

Spotlight - Dead by Dawn Festival - Scotland's very own Horror Fest reviewed

Spotlight - Horror Hall of Fame - The Top 10 Horror Films voted for by SGM readers

Name & Shame - H.M. Customs - An editorial on the bad boys at Customs

Name & Shame - Site Wars - An editorial on the ugliness of website wars