The Dawn of the Dead Campaign

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Anchor Bay have in the past previously released this zombie classic in both a theatrical and directors cut versions. The directors cut (which is now deleted) sadly was issued as a 'flipper' DVD with the movie split in half over the two sides of the disc.

One of the most popular horror films of all time 'Dawn of the Dead' is surely deserved of the 'special edition' treatment.

As well as the fact that Anchor Bay are now actively issuing discs under the 'George Romero Collection' Banner (Knightriders & Martin), word is that they have the rights to Dario Argento's European cut of 'Dawn' and now more than ever the time is ripe for the definitive 'Dawn' Special Edition to be released.

Blow your mind!!

What we want you to do is email Anchor Bay, tell them we'd love to see Dawn of the Dead Special Edition, consisting of a double disc set with both Romero's Directors cut (as a dual layer re-pressing) and Argento's Euro cut , remastered with 5.1 stereo in anarmorphic widescreen.

Extras-wise, the obvious audio commentary from Romero, Savini and Argento would be most welcome. As well as a multitude of other potential extras that would make this an essential purchase for ALL genre movie fans (interviews/documentary/trailers and importantly the alternative suicide ending footage).

We here at SGM had initiated this campaign a good while ago and Anchor Bay did indeed get in touch to say "There are future plans for Dawn on DVD, though they are still in the works", but it's been all quiet since. Hence the relaunch of this campaign - so, come on everyone - you know this could be the ultimate package, so we have got to make sure it's what we want - Email Anchor Bay by clicking HERE Now !!

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