Name and Shame - Site Wars

I'll give ya war!!

Here at "SGM" we will be making random purchases from various suppliers to see who offers a decent service, acting as a consumer watchdog for you the buyer. The point being that the offending companies will hopefully get their shit togeher and offer you the best service possible (and receive deserved plaudits here at "SGM").

This month we're taking a complete change in direction by having a look at the growing sad trend on the Internet of Website Wars (which keeps rearing its ugly head!)

As the Internet grows, understandably the number of websites grow also. Like 'Sex Gore Mutants', there are a number of excellent Horror fan based sites popping up all the time around the world (just check out our 'Links' page to see).

Inevitably, a lot of these sites cover the same ground, reporting the same stories, reviewing the same films. But if a few sites are conveying similar information, then at least the maximum amount of Horror fans are getting the information to them. This should not be a problem for the Horror fan, the more choice - the better.

You forgot the fans!!

But, some Horror sites now seem to have forgotten their aim with the fan scene and more than ever have fallen into the trap of 'having a go' at fellow sites, creating an ill atmosphere within the Horror community.

What some of these sites need to remember, we're here because we love the films we report on, not because of what other sites are saying. Whenever an immature comment or reaction is made at any site, it's best to remember they're not big or clever, in fact they're being downright unprofessional.

Apologies to anyone who is new to the Horror Web scene (this piece will mean nothing to you), but to everyone (like myself) who spends a lot of time on the Net at the various fan sites will know exactly what I mean.

Normally at 'Name and Shame' section we would name the guilty parties involved, but we're leaving it this time because the site's involved know exactly who they are.

Thankfully, here at SGM we have always avoided any conflict with any site and will continue to maintain a professional manner in everything we do. And hopefully any fan sites guilty of acting in an unprofessional manner will eat some humble pie and do similar.

Horror fans have enough attacking them (what with censorship, customs seizures, poor distribution etc) that we all need to stick together and help each other out, making the Horror scene a cool one to get into.

Stay cool Horror Fans !

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