I can't follow the number of zombie movies that have been made since the disappointing yet enjoyable remake of Dawn of the Dead and Simon Pegg's hilarious RomZom in 2004. The number probably runs in the dozens and I'd say 5% of them are worth a second glance. Zombies Zombies Zombies is an example of the other 95%, fun the first time but absolutely not worth another viewing. But don't get me wrong, ZZZ is not all bad, shame about the title.

Scientist Dr. Stewart (Michael Clinkenbeard) has created a green Re-animatorish fluid that's supposed to kill cancerous cells, brings back the life of his lab rat. Unavoidably, the fluid is smuggled out from the research centre….here we go!

Grace a.k.a. Harley (Hollie Winnard) has a new job in a strip club. After a rather embarrassing first attempt at dancing she leaves the club with her fellow strippers. They head on over to the diner where they are harassed by some local prostitutes. Of course one of the pros has taken the mysterious fluid as a drug and the zombie attacks commence. The girls escape after the blood splattering mayhem to the strip club.

Grace's brother Chris (Sean Harriman), a pimp, and various other airheads arrive in the club and stand ground. After further attempts at getting help (including a cop who is eaten alive), they figure out that Dr. Stewart may have the answer. They rush to the research centre and discover there is a cure. Oh oh, but they're attacked by a zombie, the doctor dies and Chris is accidentally injected by the cure…

Can you guess what happens next and how the film ends? It is so ridiculous and original that I'll leave it to you to judge. Let's say I was not expecting it!

Don't think Zombies Zombies Zombies is able to pull of Hollywood calibre. The acting is flatter than a squashed teacake, the blood looks like raspberry syrup, and the story has very little originality (except the ending!). But as mentioned before it's not bad for Z-grade nonsense and does deliver a fun 82 minutes.

The gore is bad but does have some nice eye gouging, head explosions, hammers to heads, and close-up shotgun blasts. What lets it all down is the budget, but I'll accept this since I was not expecting Lord of the Rings style special effects. The CGI is limited to explosions and occasional shotgun blasts, but don't run all the way through the film which is refreshing.

For the big-breasts fans out there, the film is relatively full of them, with empty head blondes and brunettes running around being hysterical. Good in my book! Actually, there's another more mainstream film called Zombie Strippers released recently that shares a similar theme. Watch that film after this one and then decide which had the highest boob count…

There are some classic "moments" with zombies stopping their attack to allow the heroes have a romantic finale, everyone knows how to handle a weapon, and characters accept they have to die immediately after being bitten. All very unreal!

Revolver Entertainment are dishing out Z-grade film right, left, and centre, as well as presenting semi-decent films such as the recent remake of Wizard of Gore. I give them a thumbs-up for giving these movies a chance where no one else probably would. This region 2 DVD contains a trailer, a blooper reel, and a short Making Of. The image and sound are fair for the budget of the movie. However, the music is so bad I wanted to give the director Jason Murphy an earful for allowing it in his film. During the end credits there's a DIY rap song that's a bit like the jokey mainstream style of the Fresh Prince. It's so bad, I had to stop the DVD there and then!

Zombies Zombies Zombies should not be watched if you hate no budget stinkers. However, if you're in a mood to see semi-naked girls and fake blood, then this StripZom is for you!

Review by: Broonage

Released by Revolver Entertainment
Region 2 - PAL
Rated 18
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