The Coming of Sin

The Coming of Sin

Pagan Films bring us yet another obscure release with the almost legendary Jose Ramon Larraz production of 'The Coming of Sin' (aka 'La Visita Del Vicio').

Set in 70's Spain, the story involves the reclusive Lorna whom one day finds she is unloaded with her freind's housekeeper Triana, a silent but sultry dark gypsy girl. Lorna's quiet world of painting is soon turned upside down when not only do her and the gypsy Triana become lovers but a strange naked gypsy boy arrives on the scene. He keeps appearing at the homestead naked on his trusted horse only to be scared away by the fearful Triana whom keeps having some very strange dreams about the boy and said horse !

Lorna's curiosity about both her new housemates fears and the strange naked visitor soon get the better of her and soon all three's lives soon collide with very sexual and dangerous consequences.

'The Coming of Sin' is a very strange film indeed. Larraz handles the subject matter very confidently but the film does indeed have a very regional feel to it. Obviously marketed to the Spanish viewers of the seventies the film is an interesting curiousity for the genre film fan of twenty five years on. Like some sort of forboding warning to outside settlers to small town Spanish communities and at the same time obviously a crowd pleaser to local viewers at the time of its release.

The direction is nice throughout and the pace of the movie is only once distracted with the inclusion of an overlong flamenco dancing scene, which also seems to pander to the local viewers of the time. Not that this detracts from the films viewing pleasure, as it's a very atmospheric and curious piece indeed.

The disc is of the usual high standard that we've come to expect of Pagan's releases. A nice solid picture with clear english dubbed audio and the expected still gallery also. What is of great interest here also is the excellent on screen interview with Larraz about his work on not only this film but his other classics too, as well as his thoughts on horror, censorship and comics. A fascinating interview that is worth the entry price alone for fans of his work. So, add to the fact that this release is 'The Coming of Sin's DVD premiere this really is an essential purchase for fans of Larraz's work.

A lovely package but possibly just for the curious and fans of Jose Larraz only.

Directed by Jose Ramon Larraz
Released by Pagan
Region '0' PAL - Rated 18
Audio - English dubbed
Running time : approx 82 mins
Extras :
Interview with Jose Larraz
Stills Gallery