Rusted Body: Guts of a Virgin 3

Rusted Body: Guts of a Virgin 3

Technically whether or not 'Rusted Body' can actually be called 'Guts of a Virgin 3' may be one up for debate amongst fans of the Japanese torture/exploitation scene, but either way the film is (in my mind) still a classic however you look at it! Whilst earlier releases in the 'Guts' line where somewhat brash exploitation shockers that inarguably where out to push the boundaries of the viewers senses, director 'Gaira' Kazou Komitsu's 'Rusted Body' is in fact a very erotically charged sensual movie (albeit one with an element of torture!)

The film is centred around the very gorgeous (well I was drooling) Hiriko Ichijo, a sexual 'grand inquisitor' and her small motley crew of deviants made up of an elderly ex-military man (whose skills in all kinds of torture are put to use), his grand-daughter (who is not only Hiriko's protege but the teams resident play thing) and a young stud lover boy type (who has a penchant for housewives and wearing ladies jewellery!)

Now I know fans of the earlier releases will be wondering where the usual depravity fits into the scenario here but as the first reel unfolds we know we're not going to be disappointed...The film opens with the two female leads indulging in some sort of haberdashery masturbation, while one of the ladies relieves herself with a yarn of some sort of wool the other threads the juice sodden material through her vaginal lips and a good time is had by all (well each to their own I suppose). The ladies follow this up with a bit of after sex the next room we find a captive thief who knows the whereabouts of some mislaid money (well millions) that the gang want to get their hands on. So with the assistance of some (painful to view) teeth and fingernail removal they soon discover that a local bank manager is in fact the culprit that has the millions stashed away, so the central plot is hatched and the film proper begins with Hiriko and her team trying various ways to try and crack the cunning man to discover the whereabouts of the hidden cash!

'Rusted Body' was a pleasant surprise in genre viewing indeed, Komitsu's delivery is of a very witty, sensual and engrossing experience with some moments of inspired style that definitely separates the film from the exploitative feel of the line's predecessors. The direction is solid and impressive and the small cast come up trumps with fine performances throughout, especially Hiriko who (as well as being simply stunning) shines in the delivery of the role.

As I said, the film has a very different feel to the previous 'Guts' releases so be warned, there is a lot less on the gore/blood front with the bulk of deviancy coming from a sexual side of things - but this is what I found both highly entertaining and refreshing. Whilst initially you would have expected a 'torture gang' to use bloody violence to gain information they prefer cleverly to use sexual dominance instead producing a battle of wills between the lead characters. I would love to elaborate on some of the juicier key scenes but that would detract from any first time viewers potential fun, the finale is a cracker (and one where most blokes will cross their legs in painful anticipation!) I won't even try deny that I found this film at times quite stimulating because it is (well cold showers all round afterwards) and this entry is probably the best one to introduce newcomers to the scene before smacking them round the head with the more bewildering earlier releases. There's plenty of shocking graphics (with the regulation erect dick silhouettes on show) and the steam can be felt coming from your TV screen!

The film is presented in widescreen ratio and whilst not pin sharp its very solid throughout and doesn't disappoint. The 2.0 audio is solid enough also and to be honest you wont want to crank it up to loud anyway, unless of course you want the neighbours to think you're one randy bastard!! There's optional English, German and Dutch subtitles which do their job fine also but sadly not much in the way of extras. All you'll find really is still gallery that does look like mostly some screen grabs and although the packaging does claim a trailer's included it's not. A slight shame but the high entertainment value of the film itself (which we're here for) makes this a very welcome addition to my collection and if you're a fan of deviant Japanese cinema then you'll be wanting this too! Sexy, depraved and fun genre viewing...check it out!

Review by Alan Simpson

Released by Japan Shock
Rated 16 - Region 2 (PAL)
Running time - 70m
Ratio - Original
Audio - Dolby digital Japanese (optional English/Dutch/German subtitles)
Extras :
Stills Gallery