Ring 2

Ring 2

The supernatural hi-jinks continue once again in the sequel to the critically acclaimed shocker 'Ring'. Hideo Nakata is once again at the directors helm, so can we expect more of the same level of fear that we got from the first film...

The film begins exactly where the first film finished off, with the assistant of the ill-fated professor (from the first episode) searching to find out exactly what happened to her colleague. Along with a somewhat less than reputable TV news journalist she soon starts to uncover the terrifying truth of the cursed video tape and the unfortunate victims that have viewed it - an unfolding truth that she unwittingly becomes embroiled in with (once again) deadly consequences.

Whilst again very atmospheric and creepy in style, the film this time round takes a lean towards the psychic elements that were hinted upon in the first instalment - concentrating on the surviving infant son of the first films leads who this time round seems to be possessed with the evil that is the curse of Sadaka contained within the tape.

Nakata once again delivers a very stylish and scary film and makes great use of things by the direct continuation of the first films story. But by moving away from the first parts 'evil chain letter' scenario to a part exorcist, part psychic drama plot line it does at time lose its pace in the tension build up that made the first film so successful. That said, 'Ring 2' is still a splendid movie and a welcome follow up to its more jugular predecessor with some genuinely chilling scenes - in particular when our lead heroine views the undead standing ominously in the streets.

The anarmorphic widescreen print on show here is simply gorgeous, with a lovely strong image throughout. This time round we get a great 5.1 audio mix that whilst used sparingly does have great effect when utilised. Again the english subtitles are burned onto the print but on the main are clear and legible throughout also. In general Tartan have done a grand job mastering this (and the first instalment for that matter) with a deliciously presented package.

There are some nice extras on show with a great selection of trailers for the 'Ring Cycle' on show including not only the UK and original trailers for 'Ring' and 'Ring 2' but for the as yet unreleased 'Ring 0 - The Birthday' also. There's also some interesting text pages also including a nice overview of the series by Tony Rayns and a gallery of bizarre 'Ring' merchandise from back home. There's also a mixed bag selection of trailers for various Eastern Cinema releases from Tartan including Hard Boiled and Audition, as well as a couple of 'art house' titles too.

Again Tartan have delivered an excellent presentation of a great film which if you've got the first fantastic instalment then this is one you really shouldn't be without. Catch them both before Sadaka comes for you! Check it out!

Review by Alan Simpson

Directed by Hideo Nakata
Released by Tartan
Region '0' PAL - Rated 12
Ratio - Anarmorphic widescreen
Audio - 5.1 Japanese
Running time : approx 95 mins
Extras :
Bios, Film notes, Merchandise gallery, Trailer selections