Zombie Xtreme

Zombie Xtreme

Regular SGM readers will have noted my keen monitoring of the work of upcoming Spanish genre filmmaker Julián Lara, a career that started with no budget splatter massacre in the woods 'Evil Night' and followed by the much more ambitious zombie epic 'Deadhunters: Sevillian Zombies'…well thankfully Julián is back with a stunning short shocker to keep us entertained until the much awaited 'Deadhunter 2' is unleashed…yes, Spanish splatter is alive and kicking with Lara's excellent 'Zombie Xtreme'.

The film is set a year after the events of the first 'Deadhunter' movie where we find the zombie busting Deadhunter team of that storyline has now been disbanded and banned from participating in any undead blasting activities. Well restless ex-zombie hunters Julián and Calamator are bored without the excitement of blowing away the undead so when they discover a bizarre real life variation of 'paint ball' gaming but with real zombies (and live ammo) has been set up they just cannot resist having some fun!

Cue bood, guts and laughs a plenty as we get knee deep in brains and grue in yet another Julián Lara splatter gem. With a running time of under half an hour 'Zombie Xtreme' never outstays its welcome, in fact if anything it leaves you wanting for more (and if this is anything to go by then the sooner we can savour 'Deadhunter 2' the better!) What is especially pleasing to note is that with each production Lara's production values and filmmaking qualities get so much better. Not that his earlier work was disappointing but it's just so gratifying to see such a positive curve visible in his talents.

Amusingly, following the success of the hilarious 'dancing handkerchief' cameo in 'Deadhunter' Lara has followed this up in 'Zombie Xtreme' with yet another appearance by a Spanish TV celebrity, this time in the form of celebrity clown Arlekín who here bewilders the undead (including one helluva sexy topless zombie babe) with his singing talents - priceless viewing!

Frustratingly, the review screener viewed was although in its original Spanish language sadly was without the benefit of English subtitles - thankfully I had prior access to a English transcript of the script so was able to get some pleasure from Lara's gut chuckling blend of sick humour and the experience as a whole has only made me anticipate more the eventual release of a fully subtitled version.

What is for sure is that with 'Zombie Xtreme' lead/writer/director/filmmaker Julián Lara is more than ever a talent to keep a close eye on, I have no doubt whatsoever if he keeps up the growing pace and quality of work such as this then he is going to be a future genre great. Industry watchers take note. If you haven't discover his talents then it's time to get onboard with the splatter filled fun that is 'Zombie Xtreme' - bloody good fun!

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Review by Alan Simpson

Not Rated - Region All (PAL)
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