Being a movie fan always makes people ask you one simple question: What is your favorite movie? And invariably we always attempt to compile a "Top Ten" list of movies. Those lists are made up of the movies that you have in your collection that you take out and watch more than a weekly sit-com. But in the past few months I have come to realize that there are movies out there that land in a whole new category. They are movies that defy the role of a favorite movie. They never enter your mind when it comes to these lists. They are the movies that are (as the writers of "Spaghetti Nightmares" said about "The House With The Windows That Laughed") more miracles than movies. These are the movies that when you grab a movie to watch, but one of these comes on the TV., in a cut form even, you have to watch them. Nothing can stop you from these things. To me, "Jaws" is such a film.

The plot is as familiar as family: In the waters around the island town of Amity a horrible creature is killing the local population off. At first the police and mayor just act as if it is a boating accident. Then a young boy is turned into fish food.

Enter Hooper (played perfectly by Richard Dreyfuss), a marine biologist who is a shark expert. Yes, he informs, there is a real nasty shark in the waters of Amity.

Together with Chief Brody (Roy Scheider, also perfect) and the filthy old seaman Quint (Robert Shaw in what might be one of the greatest film performances ever) they all venture into the ocean in search of the mighty shark.

The movie is a perfect marriage of character and action. The famous scene of the three in the ship comparing scars, then the discussion of the Indianapolis, into the drinking song, is one of the most perfect scenes ever put to film. It is a rare moment in movies where we actually feel like we are sitting with these people. Then the movement into the attack is perfectly executed. The barrel chases are stunningly paced and filmed.

I have seen this movie countless times. I own the LBX video and have watched that countless times. Almost every time it is on TV. I watch it. My wife is sick of it, but she still watches it whenever it is on also. So to say I was excited to get this DVD is an understatement.

I ran out during my lunch hour at work to get this baby. I was hyped to see the thing in all of its glory. I got it and had to wait the rest of the day at work to see it. Then I got home and had to wait for my daughter to go to bed so that I could watch it.

Finally after almost 12 hours of owning it, I watched it. At first the Universal logo scared me with the little bit of grain that is present on it. I thought that the movie would look crappy. But then the beginning underwater photography came on and I settled down. The movie looks great! The blacks are the same typical blacks you expect from this format, deep, dark, but clear. The whole damn picture is crystal. Watching it while I write this, I am really stunned by how beautiful the picture really is! As Krissy (Chrisie?) goes running into the water in the beginning for the first kill, the water shimmers as if it was right there in front of you.

The major complaint I have been hearing about has been the tampering with the soundtrack. The complaint is that not only did they beef up the sound with the digital re mastering, but that they actually added sound effects. I have seen this movie countless times and I have not noticed anything that sticks out like a sore thumb. At least there is nothing like the tracks done for the Simitar Godzilla films! If you are familiar with those titles, you know what I am talking about. So I have no complaints at all with this films presentation. Just as priceless as always!

The supplements, well, they are a bit lacking. I love the 1 hour documentary. But I have seen most of it before. The bigger frustration is knowing that it is an edited down version of the 2 hour version that appeared on the laser disc!

The trivia game is O.K. but not nearly as fun as others I have played on DVD. The right and wrong screens are boring. Play the Godzilla Vs. Mothra DVD trivia game for fun right and wrong answer screens. Minor complaint though.

The deleted scenes and outtakes are just O.K. Very few of them even, so don't get too excited.

The main attraction here is the movie. You do not buy "Jaws" for the supplementals. This is a rare movie and it deserves to be treasured. Also, don't wait for one with a commentary track. This is the most extra's that you will see. Mr. Spielberg doesn't like commentary tracks. He feels they take away from the illusion. The only man in the world that could cause me to agree with him in any way for no commentary tracks is Spielberg. And here, I have to agree with him. But damn, how I wish the man would let us into his head just once on one of these movies.

So in closing, this is one of those movies that will always get my viewing. I have it now in a form that will allow me to watch it over and over again and not ruin the picture. Thank the Heavens!

I give this thing a 5 out of 5. Just for the movie alone. It is "Jaws" for crying-out-loud!!!

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Released by Universal Studios
Running time - approx 125 mins
Rated - PG
Ratio - Widescreen 2.35:1 (Anamorphic)
Audio - Dolby Digital 5.1
Subtitles - French
Extras :
Featurette : The Making Of Jaws
Deleted Scenes And Outtakes
Get Out Of The Water! Trivia Game
Shark World
Production Photos And Storyboards
Original Theatrical Trailers
Review by Carl R Isonhart