Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust

Pass the sick bag Alice, for a 20 year old film, this one has lost none of it's power to disturb or impress depending on which side of the morgue slab you sit on!

Directed by Ruggero Deodato, "Cannibal Holocaust" concerns four news reporters out to film cannibals deep in the 'green inferno' of the Amazon. At first our sympathies lie with the journo's, that is until they try their hands at spicing up their footage which results in abuse of the cannibals.

The disappearance of the reporters leads to another group of more seasoned jungle explorers going out to find the original four. They encounter unusual hostility from the jungle tribe but still manage to recover the reels of film hanging around the cannibals necks. Once this rough footage is shown back in New York, we the audience & the original journalist's sponsors finally see just what fate befell the unfab four. Let's put it this way, they had It coming to them.

It's this incomplete, shaky & scratched footage that crowns "C.H." as the king of all fake documentaries. There is gore on display, both real (animal) & fake (human) but if the truth be known, far more is implied than shown, this is the gunpowder that fuels "C.H."

So all those disappointed with the back to basics 'Blair Witchless Project', treat yourselves to the Classic Cannibal 'You've Been Framed'.

EC Entertainment have pulled together a real treat for "C.H." fans, the print used is complete, clean, sharp, undamaged & well transferred to dvd. The blacks are black & the reds are vividly red, so chuck out those fuzzy video transfers. The sound never falters, with Riz Ortolani's sweet score delivered without distortion.

Extra's wise, you get a fold out booklet, containing a Deodato filmography, a repro of the Italian poster artwork (Locandina) & four colour stills. Two trailers are included, one I presume an English language export trailer, the other a full on German spot with the subtle title 'Naked & Mutilated'. Two video interviews one with Deodato's son asking the questions shot in '96, the other filmed At the Eurofest '98 with Martin Coxhead, they total about 30mins (Finally we find out the truth concerning that infamous Piranha scene. It was filmed, but Deodato wasn't happy with the effects, so he cut it!)

Released by EC Entertainment
Directed by Ruggero Deodato
Region 2 : Rated 16 (for Holland)
Ratio : Widescreen 1:75:1
Audio : Dolby Digital Mono English
Subtitles : English, Dutch
Extras : Two Trailers
Two Interviews with Deodato
Stills Section (photos/video covers/posters from around the world)
Reviewed by Simon Caleb on a multi region Pioneer DV505