Event Horizon

Event Horizon

In the year 2047 the deep space vessel named Event Horizon returns from a mission that took place years ago. The main catch being that the ship disappeared without a trace. Upon returning we find that the crew has disappeared but there are many signs that the crew is now dead. The main signs being floating blood, a floating corpse, an audio message of horrifying screams and a video of everybody killing each other. Chances are that the crew is in a bad way. Where had the ship gone? That is one question I won't answer, but it is a great answer.

The movie "Event Horizon" is a hodge podge of hit and miss ideas. The overall look of the movie (one that is unfairly compared to the "Alien" series) is a definite hit. It has almost an old english very gothic look to it. Sharp, spike like images is the dominating theme. The ship is a very evil looking entity. The dialogue is where the movie suffers the most. People just do not talk like this. When the crew goes on the Event to secure it, they split up. The thing is that everybody mentions every little thing they do. "I'm walking", "Let me see if I can get some power up", "I'm scanning for life signs", I would think everybody on the ship would be scanning for life signs.

My wife and I saw this movie in theaters the week before our daughter was born. When we came out my wife said it was one of the most evil movies she had ever seen. She also told me it would never exist in our house. When it came out on DVD she was gone on vacation, so I went out and bought it. I enjoyed the movie, but didn't quite see the "evil" side. Yes it was pretty tense. Yes the gore was great (all too brief but great), yes there was a an underlying sinister side to the movie, but I didn't agree with how evil she felt it was. So that night I watched it alone with the lights out and playing through my big speakers with the surround sound on nice and loud. Here is what I found:

The picture on this DVD is by far one of the best I still have yet to see. The clarity is stunning and the look of the inside and outside of the ships is just amazing. I could rant and rave about the look of this disc forever. Just amazing.

The sound is just as amazing. It starts with the Paramount logo and the shifts to taking of into space with the theme music coming up to its full volume. The soundtrack is a modern style "Sci-Fi"/industrial type of thing that really builds, then dies as we see the Event Horizon floating lifeless in front of a planet. Other than noises and the powerful theme song, the beginning of the movie is dead of dialogue for the first almost 5-10 minutes.

My verdict that night was that this is in fact a very nasty little movie. Almost NO comic relief and no happiness exist in this movie. The chaotic order that is pushing at the walls in this movie is horrifying. At the time the movie was a bit of a failure, but I think as years go by this movie will find its audience and they will embrace it with open arms. It really is a very well made movie that gets hurt by poor dialogue. I would LOVE to see a "Directors Cut" of this film.

The supplementals suck. Paramount are looking to be one of the worst at this whole DVD thing. Nothing. Oh, there is a trailer. Neat. This is the same company that released "Titanic" with nothing but a trailer. DUH! I may even have bought that movie had it come with something other than the movie! Idiots.

Buy this for the movie. The price is not bad. $19.99-$24.95 (US currency), depending on where you buy it. The movie should be seen.

Directed by Paul Anderson
Released by Paramount
Rated R - Region 1
Running time : 97 minutes approx
Ratio : Widescreen 2.35:1
Audio : 5.1 Surround, English & French
Subtitles : Spanish & English captions
Extras : Interactive Menus (why are these called "Special Features"? Does anybody buy a DVD for these alone?)
Scene Selection
Theatrical Trailer
Review by Carl R Isonhart