Erotic Survivor 2

Erotic Survivor 2

I'm torn here with this DVD I hold in my hands. You see, I hate reality TV, but I like lesbians. Well, I only like lesbians that look the way I wished lesbians all looked. I am not too fond of lesbians that look like they can pull a train. Not saying anything against them, sure they might be wonderful people and what they choose to do in their bedrooms is cool with me, but if you are going to be putting it on display, then hey, I have certain standards that need to be met. I have the same standards for straight women too, so don't think I am being unfair here.

Reality TV though, sucks no matter who is involved. You can place my ideal women to look at on some friggin' island in the South Pacific with nothing to do but eat and…well…eat, and I still wouldn't be crazy about the idea of watching it. Which, almost oddly enough, is the premise of this DVD I hold in my hands right now.

Yes, EROTIC SURVIVOR 2 is just that film. The premise is to take six attractive women, drop them on Africa (ahem, sure, Africa) with nothing to eat except local fruits and each other, make them parade around in almost no clothes and do ridiculous games to find out who exactly is the toughest of them all. The prize? $20 USD!!!

The games are quite exciting though. We get to see the girls carry pennies on their chests, fill condoms with gelatin, and watch them answer a 20 question sex quiz. In between the competition we get to watch them do what we are really watching the DVD for…or do we? The problem with a film of this sort is that you have to be watching it just to see the women topless or for the pure humor aspect of the film. It can't possibly be for the "sex", as all the sex is so softcore that it is painfully obvious that the girls are almost at all times a foot from the snatch! If you are going after this film for the lesbian sex, you would be better served to get the guts up to buy a lesbian hardcore DVD. Unless you enjoy softcore stuff, then this rules the universe!

The problem with reviewing a disc like this is that it is obviously not CITIZEN KANE (of that I am thankful), but the makers never meant it to be. I don't think that director/writer John Bacchus ever meant this thing to become anybodies favorite film! He makes these I am sure just for the fun of making them and for the people that do get a kick out of them. For what this film is, softcore silly fun, this is a great little film. But it is not a good film. Ya know what I mean?

Truth be told, one of the best things about this film is John Bacchus himself! Oh no, don't be expecting leading man material, but when he is on screen, he carries quite a bit of charisma and really seems to like his job…go figure. But he is funny and actually makes the whole premise seem real! I wanted to see a little more of him on this thing…but not in the same way as you see more of the girls.

As for the girls, they are all quite attractive, and the one two that are just O.K. really carry it over well in the sex scenes. They are the most believable. Names escape me, but you will know who they are when and if you see the film.

The DVD is a nice looking disc, but it carries the usual trappings of a low-budgeter disc. Obviously a low-budget look, and obviously a low-budget sound, but everything is clear and completely viewable and easy to listen to. Oh sure, some of the moans and such are lost a bit, but that is bound to happen. Just don't turn up your sound too much to heat, as your neighbors will quickly find out what is going on!

The extras are rather slim this time out. We get a behind the scenes which shows that some of the "action" on screen just may have been real as two of the girls really do seem to be involved with one another. Plus we see that Mr. Bacchus is great at making everybody comfy with what they are doing. The whole thing seems like it was summer camp or something!

We also get the usual trailers for Seduction Cinema. Some of these are actually a little more "hardcore" like than the two Seduction films I have seen! It might just be the editing that is done for these trailers, or else they do get rather risqué at times!

So basically, this disc is full of softcore fun, and if that is your thing, then this is your disc. There are some funny bits to go along with the whole sex stuff, so that helps in the "down time". Just don't be expecting anything of the Vivid sort, and all is cool! I, personally, have a bit of fun with these films and they do make me laugh from time to time. I don't like Troma films, but these are O.K. in my book!

Review by Carl Isonhart

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Released by Seduction Cinema
Unrated (uncut)
Region - All (NTSC)
Extras :
Behind the scenes, Seduction Cinema Trailers