Rabid Dogs

Rabid Dogs

After several failed attempts at Ebay auctions and much searching on the 'Net' I eventually managed to track down Mario Bava's 'lost masterpiece' Rabid Dogs - was it worth the wait - read on...

Filmed back in 1974 only (through the wicked hand of fate) to be impounded never to be seen until this very special DVD release was put together (thanks to the good folk behind Lucertola Media).

The story involves a payroll robbery that goes horribly wrong, leading to the (brilliantly played) twisted gang members getting involved in some kidnapping and hijacking in this intense and thrilling dark flick.

Described as "Tarantino remaking Last House on the Left inside a speeding car" (a statement that really hits the spot), this is without a doubt one of Bava's finest works. A real masterpiece of tension and drama, gritty and horrifying with a great twist at the ending that caught me out completely. Beautifully directed with some real golden moments (as well as some very grim 'piss your pants' ones).

The disc itself is fantastic, the quality of the print is a delight to view. Obviously a lot of time and passion went into piecing this one together (using Bava's editing notes) and the Dolby mastered soundtrack though Mono shows off the excellent score well also. There are some fascinating essays on the disc also about both Bava's works and the reconstruction of Rabid Dogs itself - both great reads (kudos to Tim Lucas once again).

Bava fans waste no time, track this one down, it's a beautiful piece of cinema that really should be seen by all genre fans. Worth every penny (and some!) Classic.

Directed by Mario Bava
Released by Lucertola Media
Running time - approx 96 mins
Region 0 - Not Rated
Ratio - 1.66:1 widescreen
Audio - Dolby Mono Italian
Subtitles - English & German
Extras :
Essays on Bava and the Film
Image gallery