42nd Street Pete returns with another marathon of seedy porno loops from the 1970s, this time each of which demonstrates the type of thing that used to get shown - both on 8mm and in live shows - at New York's notorious Peepland club.

The club ran from 1975 to 2003 on 42nd Street and was notorious for showcasing all that was nasty about pornography: fisting, pissing, scat, rough sex, rape, bestiality and more. And Pete, bless him, has scoured through his vast collection of amassed filth to come up with 2 DVDs' worth of material that fits the bill.

Opening with a brief introduction from Pete, we thankfully learn that due to legal reasons there will be no bestiality in this set. Not even the horse-fucking loop he proudly holds in his hands ...

And so, he leads us into the first 6-minute bout of dubious smut. VIOLENCE opens with a young woman being chased into a pigpen by two men. They wrestle her to the ground and rape her twice, their female companion laughing all the while and helping to pin the screaming filly down. When both men have shot their loads on the woman, their accomplice squats and takes a piss on her.

CRIME AND PUNISHMENT follows, which Pete bills as being "even more fucked up". Hmm, I don't know. It employs whipping, blowjobs and lesbian dildo sex to some effect, but is never as startlingly rough as the first offering. Having said that, the site of one woman kneeling with huge welts on her bare back, while another licks fresh semen off her wounds, is difficult to shake from the memory.

Next up is one that Pete calls THE BRAT. It's less brutal, thankfully, but no less weird. Featuring a man in drag who necks on with a woman before pulling his pants down to reveal a fake cunt, it's a colourful short which progresses into more conventional sex but still, with two women taking on a dragged-up man, heavily recalls Richard Kern's THE BITCHES.

BEER PRETTY is, Pete explains, about a man whose ugly girlfriend gets more attractive as he drinks more booze. Lots of French kissing and hirsute sex make this Bohemian effort look particularly sweaty. The sex between this couple is frantic; the opening of beer bottles with the woman's quim is presumably why it qualifies for inclusion in this set.

HOLD THE MAYO is a rather straight-forward spot of cock-munching, by way of an attractive young brunette who butters two slices of bread and places her boyfriend's dick in-between ...

Ever wanted to see a sexy woman in a red dress being chained to a brick wall and fed raw meat by a gimp? That's exactly how the gonzo LADY IN CHAINS begins, before the Hewhocannotbenamed-alike proceeds to fingering and fucking his prisoner, under the stern gaze of a raven-haired dominatrix.

CHAIRLOCKED features a redhead who may well be a young Rene Bond, indulging in mutually abusive sexual shenanigans with her dark-haired lesbian lover. It starts off sensually enough ... but soon degenerates into pretty convincing bondage fun.

SATAN'S CLUB GANG BANG adds a modicum of stylish lighting and drug-eyed madness to its heady rough sex; USED AND ABUSED lives tastelessly up to its name. Meanwhile, HOME INVASION PARTS 1 AND 2 will thrill those who've been searching for something to rival the nastiness of FORCED ENTRY.

And that's just disc one's highlights! If twelve helpings of raw, homemade and handheld 8mm loops haven't already made you feel deeply ashamed and in need of a jolly good bath, then disc two may well do the job.

Again opened by Pete, the loops on disc two begin with HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT. Food and sex - it gets messy.

FORCED follows, beginning deceptively peacefully in the great outdoors during a sunny afternoon. It soon gets darker though when the lead blonde wanders into a house with its curtains closed and is confronted by male and female leather fetish freaks who strap her down, beat her and do all kinds of kinky stuff to her fanny (including one FAT dildo). Nice moustache on the male aggressor.

BLACK BALLED is a monochrome short which finds two black guys beating a white girl and then 'raping' her. The beatings are feebly performed; the oddly shaped woman appears to be having a whale of a time.

The next loop comes with the occasional subtitle, and shows degrees of style in terms of editing and artificial lighting. It's called DEVIL CULT and is all about the sacrifice of a virgin girl. It's weak.

SEDUCING THE BITCH is, like CHAIRLOCKED, another film aimed at anyone with a penchant for lesbian roughies - and in particular female-on-female strap-on sex. It also affords Pete another opportunity to advertise a Femdom video - not the first time he does it during this set ...

The madness continues with the aptly named POOR GIRL and the tell-all CUCUMBER HEAVEN (just use your imagination!).

Now, there is one loop on disc two that deserves its own paragraph ... LITTLE BIG MAN. Get this: Vanessa Del Rio sits relaxing on a settee in her shiny gold suit. Along comes Luis De Jesus (yes, Ralphus from BLOODSUCKING FREAKS!!), who gives her minge a good licking in-between receiving blowjobs from her. After he's finished fisting her - all the way up to his knuckle - he fucks her in her arse. It all ends with him jizzing into her mouth, and her taking every drop. I repeat: Yes, Ralphus from BLOODSUCKING FREAKS!!

ALEXIS LIVINGSTON PARTS 1 AND 2 ends the set ... in transsexual fashion ...

Each loop across the two discs is presented in colour (aside from the black-and-white BLACK BALLED), in its original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Specks, lines, dirt, grain and damage are rife throughout: we wouldn't have it any other way. Having said that, images are bright and solid enough throughout - these are good natural presentations of some seriously rare and twisted stuff, all given.

Audio is non-existent on each short, save for the exaggerated whirring of the 8mm film.

Disc one opens straight into a static main menu page. This gives you the option of either watching the first collection of 12 loops as a whole, or individually via an animated scene-selection menu. Either way, each film comes with video introduction from the yellow-toothed Pete.

Disc two is identical in its layout and design. There are 9 loops on disc two.


The keepcase packaging also contains an inlay card with decent liner notes from Pete.

EXTREME SLEAZE SHOWCASE 3 is, as the title suggests, pretty filthy, full-on hardcore stuff. It's all consensual, of that I've no doubt (the performances aren't THAT good) - but it's explicit, occasionally troubling fare, nonetheless.

While some of its content may not be for everyone, I'd wager it's already a must-have for hardened exploitation fans, purely for the prospect of seeing Ralphus from BLOODSUCKING FREAKS hammering Vanessa Del Rio's shitter.

They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Review by Stuart Willis

Released by After Hours Cinema
Region 1 - NTSC
Not Rated
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