Streaming Shocks!

Join Stu Willis as he ponders the latest selection of streaming shockers; kicking off with SGM fave Adam Mason’s intriguing SONGBIRD, then it’s off to Poland for slasher fun in Bartosz M Kowalski’s NOBODY SLEEPS IN THE WOODS TONIGHT and there’s flesh eating frights in Kris Carr and Sam Fowler’s THE YOUNG CANNIBALS. Next up, Shudder deliver some solid shocks in Justin G Dyck’s foreboding ANYTHING FOR JACKSON and Bryan Bertino’s angst-ridden THE DARK AND THE WICKED. Dim the lights and get ready for some fun!

Streaming shocks!
Retro 80’s Terror Treats

Eureka Entertainment are on a horror roll of late with a shocking smorgasbord of terror treats including post-apocalyptic Bruce Campbell flick MINDWARP, the killer creature double feature NIGHTWING/SHADOW OF THE HAWK and 80’s technological terror PULSE. And while we’re on a retro-trip join Stu as he checks out Terry Zarchi’s fascinating retrospective documentary GROWING UP WITH I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and Second Sight bring us right back up to date with some frights via Zoom in HOST.

Retro shocks!
Zombies, Nazis and Cyber Shocks!

Second Sight make a lot of horror fans very happy with their sublime special edition release of DAWN OF THE DEAD while Stu also checks out Shinya Tsukamoto's alluring and volatile GEMINI from Third Window Films. There’s war time spookiness in Eric Bress’s GHOSTS OF WAR and Brandon Cronenberg injects the thrills with POSSESSOR.

Romero Classic!
Shock Horror Cinema!

Join Stu Willis for an evening of family fun as he kicks back with the unrelenting and genuinely shocking MELANCHOLIE DER ENGEL and Vaclav Marhoul’s beautiful, brutal and grim THE PAINTED BIRD before settling down to watch Anthony Wong as he goes berserk in Hong Kong exploitation classic THE UNTOLD STORY.

Lights out for Streaming Shocks!

Join Stu Willis to see if the tension rises as he checks out Blumhouse Films THE LIE while Lin Shaye shines in psychological shocker ROOM FOR RENT. There’s folk horror frights to be found in UNHUMAN NATURE while a hunting trip goes welcomingly wrong in BETWEEN THE TREES and there’s post-90s teen snuff slasher fun to be had in WHAT GOES AROUND.

Shaye Shines!
Raucous Rock n Roll, Found Footage and Butt Boy!

Join Stu Willis as he buckles up for a wild ride with J Michael McCarthy’s THE SORE LOSERS then it’s a frightfully British affair in OUIJAGEIST and there’s found footage frights in Kieran Edwards THE DEVIL'S FAMILIAR. Teasing elements of Psycho and Hostel, Stu checks in with THE HOST but be careful where you stick things as we look at BUTT BOY.

Jet Generation!
Evil Dolls, Home Horror and Mountain Monsters!

Camille Keaton is back kicking arse in CRY FOR THE BAD MAN and there’s something monstrous happing in ABOMINABLE. Watch out for the doll at the end of your beds when watching horror anthology EVIL LITTLE THINGS then lock your doors as its time for some home invasion horror in DEAD BY DAWN.

I Spit On Your Marshall!
Bronson, Monsters and Indie Frights!

Get the beers in for some trashy fun as Bronzi takes on CRY HAVOC before Stu has a chilling premonition when he is REAWAKENED. Flying the flag (as ever) for rising filmmakers, join Stu as checks out Drew Macdonald’s shocking short HERE THERE BE MONSTERS then he finds himself welcomingly challenged as he delves into AMONG THEM.

Bronson is back!
Ghouls, Gore and X-Ray Vision!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out Arrow Video’s release of the riotous thriller WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE! and the new Second Sight blu-ray edition of Roger Corman’s gem THE MAN WITH THE X-RAY EYES. Next up, Stu makes a deal with the devil watching ROOTWOOD then finds out if he’s in for a treat when he takes a peek at Patrick Lussier’s Halloween shocker TRICK.

I can see you!
Stardust, Exploitation and the Final Fury!

25 years after Darren Ward’s epic Eurocrime opus kicked off with SGM favourite ‘Sudden Fury’ the trilogy comes to an end with the much anticipated BEYOND FURY, check out Stu’s thoughts. Meanwhile, Richard Griffin channels Dario Argento in his stylish shocker BEFORE THE NIGHT IS OVER and Joe Begos taps into the Golden Era of exploitation films with his romp VFW. Finally, Third Window Films deliver a treat for fanbs of fantastic film with Macoto Tezuka’s sublimely bizarre THE LEGEND OF THE STARDUST BROTHERS.

Furious Finale!
Back From The Grave!

SGM’s very own Stu Willis has risen from the grave to take a look at Jason Figgis old-school ghost story WINIFRED MEEKS while Arrow Films deliver a very British back comedy by way of A SERIAL KILLER'S GUIDE TO LIFE. The Arrow entertainment keeps coming as Stu descends into hell with DANIEL ISN'T REAL before delving into the sexual politics of Isabella Eklof’s stunning HOLIDAY from Anti-Worlds Releasing.

Figgis Frights!
Serial Killers, Exploitation Treats and Fulci too!

Join Stu as he revisits some genre gems as Anthony Hopkins and Ann-Margret shine in Richard Attenborough's MAGIC from Second Sight Films while Vinegar Syndrome deliver an exploitation classic in stunning high definition with THE CANDY SNATCHERS. Fans of Lucio Fulci will be curious to read Stu’s thoughts on Shameless Entertainment’s blu-ray release of his seminal shocker THE BEYOND and Henry Lee Lucas meets his match in Fatih Akin’s grim genre treat THE GOLDEN GLOVE.

Hopkins Horror!
Indie Horror, Acid Westerns and Dead Romance!

Independent horror is alive and well as Stu found when got into a state of hallucinatory, surreal madness checking out Tom Lee Rutter’s acid western DAY OF THE STRANGER before discovering romance is well and truly dead in James L Edwards grim love story HER NAME WAS CHRISTA. Next up, Stu takes a dark and terrifying journey into the mind of filmmaker Nathan Hine’s with his shocking short KEEPSAKE and much anticipated debut feature THE SIDELING HILL.

Acid western!
Splatter, Gore and Techno Terror!

There’s gouging, gore and more in Simon Spachmann and Olaf Zanetti’s gore drenched treat BORN DEAD and the grue keeps coming in Patrick Fortin’s French-Canadian splatter-fest CATCALL TRILOGY. Staying at an AirBnB will never be the same again after checking out Lucky Cerruti’s KINDNESS OF STRANGERS and finally Stu charges up his smart phone to log into Ross Perkins MAD HOUSE.

Splatter treats!
Slashers, Splatter and Scream Queens!

Second Sight spoil horror fans with a deluxe special edition release of Fred Walton's genre classic WHEN A STRANGER CALLS while fans of the indie horror should be rightly excited about the blu-ray release of Shane Mather’s FANTACIDE. 88 Films keep the cult film fun coming with a trio of HD treats by way of Claudio Fragasso's zombie splatter-fest ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 3, Robert Powell stars alongside David Hemmings in HARLEQUIN and there’s reams of titular fun to be had in THE BEST OF 80S SCREAM QUEENS.

Indie HD treat!
Long Live the New Flesh!

Our very own Stu Willis must be one of the busiest scribes around as on top of his hard work here at SGM he’s found time to write and now publish his debut book THE NEW FLESH: 21ST CENTURY HORROR FILMS A-Z, VOLUME 1 which is now available in ebook and paperback at Amazon here.

A comprehensive guide to modern horror cinema; this first edition covers over 300 films ranging from the rising stars of independent cinema to the mainstream greats. All reviews are new and exclusive to this book offering a synopsis, critique of the film in question and titbits of trivia - along with nods to the movies of old that provide their influence. If you haven’t already done so, order your copy now!

Long Live The New Flesh!


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