Flesh Rippers

Flesh Rippers

Well, Alpha Blue Archives have done it again. Flesh Rippers is another 2-hour DVD compilation from their growing catalogue of DVD releases, picked from their sickening archives of sadistic adult cinema. With a name like Flesh Rippers, it isn't hard to imagine what the compilation on this DVD contains. Last year, as I awoke from my sleep on a Friday morning, I received an adrenaline rush as I saw a package from Alpha Blue Archives lying on my hallway floor. Not only did I know what was inside, I knew my Friday night later that day would be one to remember. This is what the back of the DVD cover proclaims: -

120 Min. Featuring: A cast of insane asylum escapees. Our most bizarre collection ever features films which cross the line from lust to insane savagery. In BARBARIAN GIRLS, an unconscious car accident victim is molested, urinated upon, and finally disemboweled by her female violator. The feature WET WILDERNESS, presented uncut in it's entirety, is a XXX mind-fuck featuring incest, forced sex, and graphic machete killings by a masked killer! This history of the dark side adult cinema also includes castrations, blood sports, guns, Satanic transformations and more! Topped off with a gallery of bloody images from the rarest 70's magazines!

It will be difficult to write a review about Flesh Rippers without avoiding any spoilers. As the DVD is an entire compilation of the most bloodiest 70's adult cinema the review you're about to read will contain spoilers throughout. However, I'll try to keep them to a minimum. A word of warning: the review contains pornographic material, coarse language and descriptions of violent sex acts. If you are in any way easily offended then please click 'back' at the top of this page and read something that you like. This is a graphic DVD release and this review will reflect that in parts. If you're not squeamish, then read on. This review will probably offend women and men, alike. Guys, after watching this you might never let a woman go down on you ever again, unless she has no teeth.

To kick things off with this 2-hour orgy of vulgarity, we are given the pleasure (or displeasure) to watch the shocking non-pornographic loop, Barbarian Girls. Barbarian Girls, despite only being 10 minutes long, ranks high as being the most shocking clip on this compilation DVD, if not, of all time. The film was recorded some time in the early 70's without any sound. The film is accompanied with a dark soundtrack composed of human growls, eerie guitar playing and drum beats (death metal). The soundtrack, along with the severely grainy footage, works well in creating a genuinely disturbing atmosphere that brings vitality to Barbarian Girls. The first thing we see as the film begins is a hooker being ran over by a car in a hit and run accident. While she lays unconscious in the grass, a fellow female hooker drags her to a house. Once there, the victim is stripped from all her clothing and has her hands tied behind her back. With blood pouring from her mouth, the victim eventually wakes up, finding her breasts being abused by the abductor's hands. She screams. As the film was recorded without any sound we cannot hear the screams. The abductor then proceeds to piss all over the victim before she is tied to a rack and violently whipped. This is where the Barbarian Girls becomes a snuff film wannabe. With the grainy footage, creepy soundtrack and no dialog, your mind will question you on whether this film is real or fake as the victim gets mutilated and torn with a knife. As soon as the knife begins to tear inside her vagina you begin to fear what you're about to see. Needless to say, it's a bloody mess. Barbarian Girls contains no hardcore footage. However, you are treated to some shocking acts to make up for this. Full nudity and explicit vagina shots are seen throughout.

The second clip from the compilation is just as shocking as Barbarian Girls. The film is another short, torture loop from the early 70's, called Branded. Like the Barbarian Girls, Branded was recorded with no sound and contains the same soundtrack from the Barbarian Girls, creating an equally disturbing atmosphere. Unlike Barbarian Girls, Branded contains hardcore sex. The film begins with a young looking girl, shackled and being whipped by a BD/SM mistress. The whipping is quite nasty for an early porn film. We then see a sharp rod being heated in a coal fire in the distance while the mistress is having her pussy licked by a male slave behind the fire. I knew straight away that the burning rods were going to be used on the poor, innocent looking girl, who is now being whipped by another male slave. The mistress then walks over to the shackled girl and gives her exposed vagina a good licking. She then inserts a speculum into her vagina. The poor girl then gets her breasts tortured with one of the hot rods; her left breast gets cut for real. The realistic pain expressed on the victim's face gave me the impression that the breast slashing was real. Branded becomes even more horrifying as a hot rod is shoved up her vagina. As with the Barbarian Girls, Branded is another snuff film wannabe. Branded includes hardcore sex and male ejaculations to go along with the torture. Shocking stuff.

The third clip is a clip from a film called Come Deadly. The clip begins in an apartment, where a man asks a woman (Miss Evans) if she smokes marijuana. He then chloroforms her, strips her clothes off and puts handcuffs on her.

"What are you going to do?" cries the Miss Evans.

The maniac responds by pointing a gun to her hairy vagina and asks her if she ever wondered what it would be like to have been blown off. The gun moves to her neck as the maniac orders her to give him a blowjob. Just as soon as she starts sucking, the boyfriend walks in and gets shot by the maniac. The boyfriend gets handcuffed to a stool. He manages to break free, hits the maniac over the head, before finally getting shot and killed. The maniac shoots Miss Evans to end her screams of help. Both Miss Evans and her boyfriend lie on the floor in a bloody mess. This scene contains no hardcore sex, and is amongst the cleanest, clear pictured clips on the compilation. The dialog is English and the quality is pretty good, at least when compared to the first two clips.

The next clip is called Black Ritual. A cult leader enters a darkened room wearing a robe in what seems to be a ceremonial meeting. The cult leader begins to pray to the Mother of the Universe for forgiveness. A confused couple watches on as a large bodied female strips naked, laying herself down on the altar. She begins to caress herself as naked men and women silently walk into the darkened room, surrounding the altar where the heavy woman is lying. As soon as one can instantly tell that this clip is going to be surreal, the naked participants begin a strange, yet hilarious, dance. While the occasional naked man or woman wave their arms, the others seem to be praying to a God. The heavy woman on the altar begins fingering her pussy in amongst the naked participants kissing and caressing each other. The couple look on, as if they have no idea what is going on. The orgy that is beginning to take place is interrupted by a naked woman with drawings on her face, holding a candle. She accuses the female of the confused couple of being a traitor. In an instant, a flash appears and the female ages almost a hundred years. She walks to the altar, lying down as she screams in pain. Her skin becomes increasingly wrinkly. She grabs a machete from behind her, raises it above her head and reluctantly stabs herself in her vagina. Blood pours from behind her knickers. The male (maybe the boyfriend to this now elderly woman) carries her to a car. He takes her home, and (surprise, surprise) we see a Linda Blair imitation from the Exorcist as the woman vomits green puke from her haggard face. Her skin has now gone green. She speaks in a demonic voice, warning her boyfriend that his time is almost up. He declares his love to her. This seems to have exorcised the demon, or what ever entity that was inside her. In an instant, she is a hundred years younger again. As soon it looks as if we're going to watch the randy couple shag each other the scene comes to an end.

The next clip is my favourite from the entire compilation. The clip is from a British porn film - yes, BRITISH PORN FILM!!! - Diversions. A man and a woman are pounding away on a leather divan. We see glimpses of the woman having flashbacks of a gang-rape by British army officers. She grabs a knife from beneath the divan and stabs the man she is having sex with. As we watch the sex act on the divan and the flashbacks of the gang-rape, we discover the man the woman is having sex with is the same man that is gang-raping her in the flashbacks. Whether this actually happened or just a rape fantasy is something we don't get to find out. She stabs the knife into his back; he shrieks in pain. She continues to stab him, expressing a grin as blood erupts from his skin. The death of the man gets her off in orgasmic pleasure, writhing around with the knife, caressing herself and rubbing his blood over her body. What may be a sick sex act for us is orgasmic pleasure for her. She then rubs the knife against her aroused pussy, tasting the blood as she brings the knife to her mouth. What follows is a scene that will bound to shock and horrify any man who is watching.

After the shocking climax of the Diversions clip, we then enter another bloody clip, this time from a film called Sex Psycho. Sex Psycho was one of the earliest bloody, adult films of the 70's and stars the King himself, John Holmes. However, in this clip, we do not see John Holmes or his 14 inch ram rod (thank God for that, because I always get jealous when I see it). Two very 70's looking men with huge side burns are naked, frolicking around on a bed. A blonde woman and a guy clutching a meat cleaver silently enter the room. Before the two gays can give a reaction to the intrusion the meat cleaver swings down and decapitates one of the men. The gore effects are quite disturbing when you put in the context that this is an adult film. With the meat cleaver embedded in his throat, the gay gargles on his own blood. Blood ends up on the blonde woman's face. In typical exploitation/adult film fashion, she rubs it into her skin. We discover that the bloody murder was set up. The gay man that wasn't murdered turns out to be the brother of the blonde woman. The brother's name is Marshall. Marshall leaves the room to fetch a coffin to put the bloodied corpse into. Meanwhile, the blonde and the murderer, Andy, begin to fuck right next to the corpse - the woman even gives the corpse a blowjob! Shortly after Andy blows a messy load on the blonde's belly, Marshall enters the room with a large coffin. We then enter another scene from Sex Psycho. Andy gets his hard-on sucked dry by his wife, his load being pumped to a climax by her hand. The blonde woman from the previous scene sneaks into the room along with Marshall. Just as the meat cleaver is about to strike, his wife chomps down on his cock and bites it right off! Blood gushes from the severed penis as Andy holds his half member in his hand. His wife chokes on the blood that is pouring down her throat. The blonde and Marshall quickly flee the scene; things obviously didn't go as planned.

The next clip is called Vampire and the Charlotte, and is another clip from the British porn film, Diversions (I hope this gets a DVD release). We have the same woman from the previous Diversions clip, this time getting romped by a different man on the sofa. The man pulls his cock from her vagina and ejaculates onto her pubic hair and stomach. The woman stabs away at him as soon as he cums. Unlike the previous guy the woman murdered, this one remains alive, despite being stabbed. He gives her a glimpse of his vampire fangs, before sinking them into her neck. She screams as the vampire she attempted to kill dives in for another bite. We then enter another scene from Diversions, following on from the vampire scene. A woman is being raped, abused and molested by a man with a gun. They engage in a fight which has terrible consequences. The gun accidentally goes off and shoots another woman in her breast. The rapist gets pissed off with the girl and threatens her. He rapes her with a stick until he is shot by passerby with a rifle.

The final clip from this compilation DVD is simply called Blood Fuck. Unlike the names of the other clips, this one does exactly what the name suggests - a blood fuck, or bloody fuck, to be more precise. This is the most surreal of the clips on the DVD, and by far the most erotic, despite the bloody sex. A young man is led by a woman with an eye patch at gunpoint and is forced to get his cock sucked by another woman, who is lying down waiting for him. The scene is filmed in the dark whilst a drum beat, reminiscent of a tribe, provides a funky soundtrack that works well with this scene. The two women and the young man allow themselves to be cut with a knife, providing the blood to the erotic sex that is taking place. The woman being fucked by the man rubs the blood into her protruding nipples and breasts, enjoying herself as she is taken away by an orgasm. The eerie darkness, along with the dark blood and the good looking cast works brilliantly in conjunction with each other to create a genuinely erotic scene, the only erotic scene on this compilation DVD. The young man changes positions with the woman and has the two girls sucking him dry. One of the girls brings him to orgasm in her mouth. You cannot see this as the oral/facial cumshot takes place in a darkened area of the screen, but you get a good idea what is going on. If only I knew what film this scene was taken from. It's one to track down.

The length of these randomly chosen clips are over an hour long. If you have managed to survive the first two snuff film wannabes, castrations, pornographic rape, bloody sex and murder, then prepare yourself for the Flesh Rippers' feature film, Wet Wilderness. Made in 1975, this notorious adult film is possibly the most down-right sadistic, twisted piece of filth you could ever force your eyes to watch. It has obviously been neglected over the years due to the subject matter that is portrayed on screen and I'm not surprised. You will question yourself on whether it is worth watching this feature film as the graphic machete killings, gore, forced incest, racism, rape and other shocking acts of terror are graphically shown before your eyes. However, it is worth making it to the end of the film, just so that you can wonder why a film of this kind was actually made and then shown in adult cinemas back in the 70's. This is the first ever official release of Wet Wilderness and will most likely be the last. If you want a really depraved film added to your horror collection then pick this up now. I remember seeing screen shots of Wet Wilderness on Video Dungeon and Bizarro Video a few years ago. It seemed so rough and evil that all I could thing of was what would it be like to watch this film in my own home, knowing that is was sick? And on that Friday night, sometime last year, I eventually got to know. It did exactly what I imagined it would do: made me feel cheap and dirty.

Wet Wilderness was directed by an unknown adult film maker, Lee Cooper. The cast consists of Alicia Hammer, Fay Little, Raymond North and Daymon Gerard. The quality is grainy considering Wet Wilderness has been hiding away in a locked cabinet somewhere, gathering dust. A mother, son, sister and her lesbian friend go out on vacation in the woods. But unknown to them a machete killer is among them, wearing a ski mask, searching for some innocent victims to rape and kill in order to satisfy his uncontrollable bloodlust. One by one, all the family members are forced into participating in sickening sex acts with each other under the command of the killer. They must obey him or face instant death. He brutally murders the lesbian friend after he cums in her mouth just to prove to the others he means business. Throughout the film, there are bloody machete killings, the mother being anally raped as her daughter is forced to suck her brother's cock and the son being forced to fuck his mother. The daughter is then forced to suck a black man's cock until it cums in her mouth and hand.

As you can see, these acts of perversion are hardly erotic when you consider that the son must have sex with his mother in order to survive. Could you have sex with your mother, just so that your life would be sparred? How on Earth would you get an erection in that situation, knowing you must penetrate your mother? These questions will run through your mind as you watch the depravity, aiding to the unpleasantness of the film. And if that wasn't enough, the killer spills vile insults that will shock some viewers. "On your knees, you slut!" - "You, you big, black son-of-a-bitch! Drop those pants!" - "Suck it! You can help her," he spits, speaking to the lesbian. "One on one side, one on the other"

The family members are restricted to fight back as the killer holds a tightened grip on the machete at all times. This version of Wet Wilderness is the most complete and uncut version you can get hold of, however, you might not think that when watching the ending. The end of the film suddenly comes to an abrupt stop. Some footage has obviously gone missing over the years and most likely will never be seen again. When the daughter and mother are giving the killer a blowjob one of the women grabs his machete and……the film ends. I guess that as the killer was moaning over his cock being sucked he lost concentration on gripping his machete and was about to have his erection chopped off. The approximate running time of Wet Wilderness is 54 minutes.

There aren't as many extras on this DVD when compared to other Alpha Blue Archive DVDs, but you do get a few trailers for the notorious roughie, Come Deadly, Sadistic 70's and Big Tit Superstars, along with a collection of rare and out-of-print magazines specializing in rape and murder. The pictures show both men and women being humiliated and abused with knives, violently whipped and tortured.

Finally, the quality of the clips vary from clip to clip - some are grainy with glitches throughout, while others are clear and in reasonably good condition considering the age. The grainy clips are the more shocking of the bunch, the graininess even adding to the exploitation and shock value to the depravity portrayed on the screen. From rape, to murder, to possession, to vampires and to bloody sex, there is bound to be something here that is likely to offend viewers. Wet Wilderness, despite being poorly made and poorly acted, had enough sadistic material to turn me off these types of DVDs for good. However, my interest in the dark side of adult cinema remains unblemished and I shall seek more of the same wherever and whenever they get released on DVD. If anything else, Alpha Blue Archives are leading the way in this genre, and many cult internet websites who sell these roughies copied onto VHS are finding their orders for this kind of material declining. What once could only be purchased on bootleg VHS copies can now be purchased on DVD, all thanks to Alpha Blue Archives. Despite being a porn DVD, Flesh Rippers should be hunted and bought by horror fans who like the extreme side of horror. Wet Wilderness could be regarded as the first slasher film. If you like to see some extreme cinema, buy this DVD. What makes this DVD unique is not that the clips were made over the past twenty years, but they were made up to 30 years ago. Despite the more modern Japanese extreme porn or horror films, this compilation stands on it's own as one of the most shocking and sadistic DVDs that has ever been released. Happy nightmares!

Reviewed by Pryce

Released by Alpha Blue Archives
Not rated - Region All (NTSC)
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