At last, another one of my favorite oldies gets a deserved DVD release with Troma's issue of David Winter's fun horror flick 'Fanatic' (aka 'The Last Horror Film').

The late great Joe Spinell and 80's scream queen Caroline Munro are together again (both appeared in the excellent Bill Lustig film 'Maniac') in this tale of obsessed New York cab driver Vinny (Spinell) who dreams of making a movie with starlet Jenna Bates (Munro) . He follows her to the Cannes film festival where she is promoting her new film 'Scream' (made even more strange by the odd appearance of 'Stab' posters also ??) Vinny follows her around, camera in hand grunting and grumbling ala his earlier Maniac character. Soon though, various members of Miss Bates entourage start getting killed as Vinny's frustration levels get higher !!

Though outrageously dated and reeking of bad 80's fashion, music etc - Fanatic is a real treat of a movie and Fun is definetely the order of the day as Spinell hams it up in a delightful manner throughout (and there's also a great cameo by his real mother who has to be seen to believed!)

The films pace moves along at a good speed, though this may be more noticeable to UK fans who have seen the original 'Last Horror Film' release which not only contained alternate footage but came in a widescreen print also. It's a shame that this print had not been located for this release but I'm certainly not complaining as this US print been made available is more than suffice for my Spinell fixation requirements (hurrr..gurgle..hurr..)

The picture and sound quality is generally great throughout with only a couple of the darker scenes showing some graininess. As well as all the usual fun Troma trailers on the disc there are a couple of trailers for Fanatic itself which are a nice inclusion.

So in conclusion, I have to say I loved this film and I'm more than pleased with Troma's DVD release also. Nice one and an essential purchase for fans of Joe Spinell and it's a great light hearted side order to Bill Lustig's grim but great 'Maniac'. Check it out now !!

Directed by David Winters
Released by Troma
Running time - approx 90 mins
Rated R
Ratio - Full Screen
Extras :
Selection of Troma Trailers
'Tempting Tromabilia'