Movie Monsters

Altenative Cinema

Excellent purveyors of Independent Movies

Anchor Bay UK

UK Distribution Company

Anchor Bay USA

US Distribution Company

Arrow Films

One of the UK's Leading DVD & Blu-ray Producers


The British Film Censorship Board

Blue Underground

Bill Lustig's world domination

Bruce Campbell

The main man - star of the Evil Dead movies

Code Red DVD

Exploitation gems on DVD & Blu-ray

Cult Epics

Obscure genre Blu-Ray & DVD gems

CMV Laservision

German Producers of genre DVD's & CD's

Dark Sky Films

Grindhouse and lost classics

Dutch Film Works

Cool Dutch DVD company

Full Moon Direct

The home of genre legend Charles Band

I-On New Media

German DVD Producer

Josh Becker

Mr Lunatics/Stryker's site

Mondo Macabro USA

The US branch of the purveyors of cool global obscurities

Nucleus Films

Hot UK genre distribution and production company

Odeon Entertainment

UK DVD & Blu-ray Producer

Raro Video

Producers of classic genre Blu-ray & DVD line

Salvation Films

The Home of the Satanic Sluts

Shameless Screen Entertainment

Hot UK Exploitation connoisseurs

Synapse Films

Don May's excellent Blu-ray & DVD Production Co

Tempe Entertainment

Quality Independent Horror Productions

Toe Tag Pictures

Home of the excellent splatter effects team

Tom Savini

Horrors No.1 Effects Maestro


The kings of the schlocko movie scene

VCI Home Video

US DVD/Video Distributor