Updated 3rd December 2018

Slashers, Splatter and Scream Queens!

Second Sight spoil horror fans with a deluxe special edition release of Fred Walton's genre classic WHEN A STRANGER CALLS while fans of the indie horror should be rightly excited about the blu-ray release of Shane Mather’s FANTACIDE. 88 Films keep the cult film fun coming with a trio of HD treats by way of Claudio Fragasso's zombie splatter-fest ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 3, Robert Powell stars alongside David Hemmings in HARLEQUIN and there’s reams of titular fun to be had in THE BEST OF 80S SCREAM QUEENS.

Indie HD treat!
Consume HD Horror!

StudioCanal are showing John Carpenter some love with new mastered releases of classics like THEY LIVE. Eureka! Entertainment meantime are unleashing some HD treats for genre fans with George A Romero’s underrated gem MONKEY SHINES and Fred Dekker’s teen space zombie romp NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. Lionsgate deliver Rodrigo Cortes latest chiller DOWN A DARK HALL, Code Red give the HD special edition treatment to the daring directorial debut of Dante Tomaselli with DESECRATION and indie film thrives in Matt Frame’s fun splatter-fest CAMP DEATH 3 IN 2D!

Thrill me!
Boobs, Blood and Popcorn!

88 Films continue to bombard exploitation film fans with a vast array of genre goodies as Stu Willis found when he checked out Umberto Lenzi’s sublimely daft but brilliant EYEBALL, a young Jeffrey Combs pops up in FRIGHTMARE, there’s vengeful villain violence in POPCORN, bawdy booby filled teen comedy PORKY'S REVENGE and finally, there’s a fun frolic fright fest from the video rental days with DEADTIME STORIES.

Giallo trash!
Cannibals, Nightmares and Haunted House Horrors!

There are yet more great genre blu-ray releases hitting UK shelves of late including Second Sight’s release of Peter Medak's exemplary haunted house classic THE CHANGELING. 88 Films also keep them coming with Andrew Fleming's Elm St-lite BAD DREAMS, Mario Gariazzo's low-fi cannibal flick AMAZONIA: THE CATHERINE MILES STORY and a Korean spin on the Brothers Grimm with HANSEL AND GRETEL.

Haunted House Treat!
Indie Shocks Round Up!

There’s still plenty of exciting new filmmakers finding their way onto our screens as Stu Willis found when he took a look at Brandon Christensen's chilling feature debut STILL/BORN from Matchbox Films and the Peccadillo Pictures release of Travis Mathews’ haunting psychodrama DISCREET. Uncork'd Entertainment are also flying the indie genre film flag with Teemu Nikki's stylishly dark EUTHANIZER and Lou Simon's ferociously original 3: AN EYE FOR AN EYE.

Indie Shocks!
Nasty Aliens, Indie Treats and Shocking Shaw Brothers!

Join Stu Willis as he delves into Second Sight’s mouth watering special edition release of the former video nasty XTRO. Then it’s over to 88 Films for the 90’s horror treat MIND RIPPER and the Shaw Brothers shocker BLACK MAGIC PART 2. Matchbox films meantime continue to champion new genre movies with Serbia time-loop treat INCARNATION and the Cronenberg like SEQUENCE BREAK while Wild Eye Releasing deliver some found footage frights in DARKNESS REIGNS.

Video Nastie Fun!
88 Films Exploitation Extravaganza!

88 Films deliver yet another batch of fun exploitation treats for genre fans as Stu found when he checked out 80’s slasher OFFERINGS, the curious low-budget genre gem THE BONEYARD and nature-gone-crazy goodie GRIZZLY. Wrapping up the exploitation fun there’s bawdy erotic comedy musical ADULT FAIRY TALES.

When Bears Go Bad!
Indie Treats and Genre Gems (have a potato!)

You’re in for an aural and visual feast with Severin Films release of BASKIN while Eureka! Entertainment deliver two very differing genre classics by way of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's 1997 horror-thriller CURE and James Whale’s truly classic Universal horror gem THE OLD DARK HOUSE. On the indie film front, Stu checks out atmospheric shocker THE NURSERY, the ambitiously stylish HOUSE ON ELM LAKE and writer-director Les Mahoney’s trip AT GRANNY'S HOUSE.

Have a potato!
Something Old, Something New, Something Kung Fu!

There’s a welcome mix of old and new Eastern cinema treats from the folk at 88 Films available as Stu takes a look at the South Korea slow burn shocker GIFTED and the engaging and emotionally powerful SEA FOG. Classic films fans though will want to check out the veritable feast for the eyes that is THE ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN and the truly demented THE SUPER INFRAMAN.

One Armed Gem!
Lewd, Crude, Shocking and Unflinching Frights!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out the latest indie genre treats kicking off with Bazz Hancher’s wild horror comedy WHITE GOODS then the powerful and unflinching CRUEL SUMMER. Next up is Dylan Reynolds retro-shocker 4/20 MASSACRE and Tarryn-Tanille Pinsloo’s chilling THE LULLABY then we wrap up the indie fright fun with Roberto San Sebastian’s lewd, crude and gory THE NIGHT OF THE VIRGIN.

Hancher Horror!
Shaw Brothers Spooks and Demented Clowns!

88 Films return with a trio of blu-ray goodies including the truly demented Tiny Tim in BLOOD HARVEST then there’s more Shaw Brothers shockers with the haunting house treat THE ENCHANTING GHOST and the atmospheric spook story THE GHOST LOVERS. Finally, there’s some sublimely entertaining HD trash fun from the American Genre Film Archive with THE SWORD AND THE CLAW.

Tiny Tim Terror!
Argento, Hammer Horror and Genre Gems!

Dario Argento’s work is revisited yet again by the fine folk at Arrow Video with THE CAT O' NINE TAILS while StudioCanal keep the Hammer Horror flag flying with THE HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN. Eureka! Meanwhile deliver some prime High Definition shocks with Vietnamese gothic horror THE HOUSEMAID and beguiling true crime treat STRANGLED.

Eureka Shocks!
88 Films Exploitation Film Fun!

The horror loving gang at 88 Films are out to entertain yet again as Stu discovered when he took a look at their blu ray releases of the much maligned (and highly entertaining) Lucio Fulci gem A CAT IN THE BRAIN, Jim Sotos low key slasher SWEET SIXTEEN and barking mad 70’s shocker DOGS.

Fulci Fun!
Ed Wood, Torture Porn and Punks in Peril!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out Matchbox Films slow burn shocker HOMESICK and there’s some vintage exploitation fun to be from the American Genre Film Archive and Something Weird Video with the Ed Wood penned THE VIOLENT YEARS. Next up is some torture porn terror in TALON FALLS and there’s a punk band in peril in the entertainingly titled HALLOWEEN PUSSY TRAP KILL! KILL!

Punks in peril!
Chainsaws, Bag Boys and Deep Sea Shocks!

The Saw is back! Yes it’s time for a Texas Chainsaw prequel as Stu Willis checks out LEATHERFACE while things get entertainingly sleazy in Andres Torres’s grindhouse gem BAG BOY LOVER BOY from Severin Films. Next up, Matchbox Films unleash Samuel Galli’s stunning debut feature OUR EVIL and we take a look at Johannes Roberts's deep sea shocker 47 METRES DOWN.

The Saw Is Back!
Hammer Terror Triple!

Studiocanal are spoiling fans of Hammer Films with a deluge of shocking gems on DVD and Blu-ray as Stu found when he took a look at Christopher Lee at his most malevolent in TO THE DEVIL A DAUGHTER and Peter Collinson's formidable British thriller STRAIGHT ON TILL MORNING before wrapping up his Hammer Terror Triple with Roy Ward Baker at his grand guignol best in DR JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE.

Hammer gems!
Killer Kids, TV Trauma and Survival Horror!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out a double bill of ratty gems with WILLARD/BEN, Tom Hanson's exploitation crime-horror hybrid THE ZODIAC KILLER and Shot-On-Video killer kids nasty SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN. Next up is Argento-esque Anime shocker PERFECT BLUE (which is heading back onto cinema screens) while on the small screen there’s the highly-acclaimed anthology show CHANNEL ZERO and finally some survival horror thrills in THE UNRAVELING.

Jackson gem!
Festive Frights and Short Film Shocks!

Elliott Moran is getting in the mood for the holidays early as he takes a look at the festive pseudo slasher RED CHRISTMAS then it’s time for some truly odd low budget anthology viewing in CHARLOTTE and the short shocks just keep on coming in THE ABC'S OF DEATH 2.5

Ho ho horror!
Sion Sono, Abduction Horror and Zombie Grannies!

Join Stu as he checks out a double dose of genre goodness from Eureka! Entertainment with Sion Sono’s surreal treat TAG and the much-maligned ‘found footage’ genre comes good in CAPTURE KILL RELEASE. Next up there’s some absorbing abduction horror to be had in BERLIN SYNDROME from Curzon/Artificial Eye while we ask if cult status might be looming for the wonderfully titled GRANNY OF THE DEAD

Sion Sono treat!
Michael Luceri – Unleashing The Evil Within

THE EVIL WITHIN's troubled production is well-documented. 15 years from starting filming to finishing production and getting onto the screen (it received its UK premiere at DEAD BY DAWN FEST in April 2017) following the death of writer-director Andrew Getty; thanks to the film’s producer Michael Luceri who talks to SGM’s Stu Willis about the production in our exclusive Spotlight Interview.

Spotlight exclusive!
Halloween Horror Frenzy!

Elliott ‘Mutie’ Moran is back to check out some more indie genre treats kicking off with Todd Tucker's seasonally appropriate THE TERROR OF HALLOW'S EVE then he tackles frightful found footage flick THE MONSTER PROJECT. Next up, it’s time to ‘Spot the Brit-actors’ in the fun fright fest EAT LOCALS and Elliott wraps up his horror marathon with Haritz Zubillaga’s thriller gem THE GLASS COFFIN.

Halloween fun!
Sleazy Shockers and Demonic Seals!?

MVD Visual Entertainment enter the blu-ray foray with a welcome mix of genre goodies as Stu found when he revisited the slick and sleazy DEVIL'S DOMAIN then boldly ventured into the barmy but beautiful indie flick THE BLACK ROOM and there’s no prizes for guessing what’s going down in NAVY SEALS V DEMONS. Troma meantime have tapped into some British talent with Sam Mason-Bell’s indie shocker INDUSTRIAL ANIMALS.

The Barmy Black Room!
Dark Dramas, Grim Grue and Monochrome Giallos!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out the latest round of indie films and he kicks off with a double bill of fearsome flicks by Jason Figgis with the gut-wrenching TORMENT and dark drama FAMILY. Next Stu takes a look at Tony Germinario's entertainingly grim BAD FRANK and wraps the indie film fun with Zeda Muller's monochrome giallo 13 DOLLS IN DARKNESS.

Giallo gem!
Zombies, Creepy Killers and New Mutie Moran!

A special welcome onboard to Team SGM with the arrival of Elliott Moran who kicks off his mutie ponderings with Megan Freels Johnston's superbly creepy THE ICE CREAM TRUCK and Erlingur Thoroddsen's genuinely scary CHILD EATER. He also finds time for some zombie fun with Sevé Schelenz's PEELERS.

Ice cream please!
80’s Horror, Autopsies and Evil Within!

Following its UK premiere at Dead By Dawn Fest, Andrew Getty's troubled production THE EVIL WITHIN makes its way onto blu-ray from Screenbound Pictures while Andre Ovredal’s atmospheric gem THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE is released by Lions Gate. AGFA unleash Dusty Nelson's 80s horror curio EFFECTS onto blu-ray and Ryan Smith's dreamy shocker AFTER is released Stateside.

Fest favourite!
Bloodbaths, Spooks and Surreal Shocks!

Join new mutie Elliott as he checks out Jared Cohn's bullying bloodbath DEVIL'S DOMAIN and Chris Majors' directorial debut LAKE EERIE while things get surreal in William Victor Schotten's SILVER CELL and things get odd in Joe McClean's curio THE DRAMA CLUB.

Bullish bloodbath!
Splatter Insanity and Cult Classics!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out Frank Henenlotter's insanely entertaining BRAIN DAMAGE, the claws are out in Onur Tukel’s CATFIGHT and Stu revisits Madellaine Paxson’s festival favourite BLOOD PUNCH. Next we have a couple of sleeper gems with Barbara Hershey in supernatural gem THE ENTITY and James Herbert's classic book brought to life THE SURVIVOR.

Splatter classic!
Hellish Frights and Rabid Rabbits!?

Stu Willis gets the popcorn out for a mixed selection of indie treats when he checks out Jason Koch’s descent into Hell PIG PEN, there’s rabid monster rabbit fun in THE BEASTER BUNNY while Maurizio and Roberto del Piccolo bring us some frights Italian style with MY LITTLE SISTER and there’s ghostly goings on in Phillip Guzman’s DEAD AWAKE.

Hellish horror!
Indie Films Round up

There’s some very interesting and diverse filmmakers appearing on the scene of late as Stu found when he took a look at Jon Cvack’s slick noir gem ROAD TO THE WELL and Huw D Evans trash treat INSTRUMENTS OF EVIL. Elsewhere, Queensryche fans will be curious to see how Geoff Tate fares in THE BURNINGMOORE DEATHS and there’s mixed feeling for Stu with The Brothers Freeman’s eerie BEFORE I DIE.

Noir treat!
Future Shocks and Beasts Gone Beserk!

Severin Films delight exploitation film fans with Franco Prosperi’s WILD BEASTS on blu-ray while a Corman classic gets the reboot treatment with DEATH RACE 2050. There’s haunted house horrors in ABANDONED DEAD from Left Films and some dysfunctional fun in Richard Bates Jr’s TRASH FIRE.

Let’s all go to the zoo!
Terror. Gore and Gothic Shocks!

Evil lurks in the shadows in David Ryan Keith’s GHOSTS OF DARKNESS while the gothic tinged terror continues in Tripp Rhame's rural shocker BLEED. Next up, there’s some slow burn terror in Andrew C Erin’s HAVENHURST while the blood runs thick in Nathan Hine’s THE LAST DAYS OF LIVERMORE.

Slow burn terror!
Deranged Drama and Sweet Serial Killers!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out some challenging film fare from Arrow Video in WE ARE THE FLESH while there are twists and turns aplenty in George Clarke’s ONUS. Next up, there’s a charming coming-of-age drama I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, scares with a political subtext in Babak Anvari's UNDER THE SHADOW then we head to Argentina for the brooding DARKNESS BY DAY.

Sweet serial killers!
Streaming Shocks and Kung Fu Mayhem!

We’re heading to the land of Video On Demand for some psychological thrills in C A Cooper's THE SNARE and Robert Conway’s atmospheric THE COVENANT from Uncork'd Entertainment. Things aren’t what they seem in Tom Costabile’s indie fright feature VOODOO while there’s martial arts movie mayhem with Cynthia Rothrock in FISTS OF FURY from Full Moon.

Kung Fu Mayhem!
Japanese Shock, Gore and More!

Love gore? Love the Evil Dead? Then you really do need to see BLOODY MUSCLE BODY BUILDER IN HELL from Terror Cotta. Next up, Eureka! Entertainment deliver a return to horror for Kiyoshi Kurosawa when things get CREEPY, there’s some thought-provoking shocks from Kaleidoscope in THE WAILING and Stu takes a trip to the haunted house to revisit THE INHABITANTS.

Japanese Evil Dead!
Indie Splatter USA!

Unearthed Films continue to enthral with stunning special edition releases of indie genre treats as Stu found when he checked out AMERICAN GUINEA PIG: BLOODSHOCK while Uncork'd Entertainment unleash Glenn Douglas Packard’s debut feature PITCHFORK. Left Films continue to support indie horror film as they deliver Sean K Robb’s shocker SCARS and the intriguing WORM.

Splatter gem!
Carpenter, Fright Night and Mondo Gore!

Eureka! Entertainment are all out to delight horror fans with their new special edition release of Tom Holland’s vampire gem FRIGHT NIGHT while Second Sight have a treat in store for fans of John Carpenter with their high definition release of his seminal thriller ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. Left Films meantime offer up a compendium of shocking shorts with THE HORROR NETWORK and Stu checks out Matt Freckingham's gory opus CHERISH before wrapping up some ‘cheezy’ viewing with John 'Bud' Cardos THE DARK.

Rednecks, Found Footage and More!

MVD Visual keep up a growing catalogue of genre releases to delight horror fans as Stu found when he checked out the mean-spirited and offensive THE HOSPITAL 2, fun comic book romp BUBBA THE REDNECK WEREWOLF and surreal nightmare A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME. Not enough? Then how about anthology shocker THE INVOKING 3: PARANORMAL DIMENSIONS or frightful found-footage flick THE DEVIL'S FOREST …maybe not!

Hey Bubba!
Hammer Harryhausen, Giallo Gems and Grindhouse Goodies!

It’s that time of year when we embrace the latest Halloween horrors so join Stu Willis as he checks out Nicolas Pesce’s disturbing debut feature THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, some unrelenting undead action in Pat Williams' DEAD RISING: ENDGAME and Luciano Onetti’s love letter to the classic giallos FRANCESCA from Unearthed Films. But if its genre classics you’re after then look no further than Severin Films special edition release of Sheldon Renan’s seminal shocker THE KILLING OF AMERICA while Raquel Welch sets pulses racing in the 50th Anniversary edition of ONE MILLION YEARS BC.

Mondo magic!
88 Films deliver Zombies, Nazis, Slashers and more!

88 Films continue to delight UK cult film fans with a growing catalogue of genre goodies as Stu can attest as he checks out Andrea Bianchi’s seminal zombie gem BURIAL GROUND, Shaw Bros lavish horror yarn HEX and there’s plenty of gaudy gory fun to be had in DRIVE-IN MASSACRE. The high definition horrors continue as Michael Dudikoff faces cannibals, Nazis and pirates in RIVER OF DEATH while James Belushi is entertainingly psychotic in time travel gem RETROACTIVE.

Shaw Bros shocker!
Shock and Gore: Arrow Video Blood Feast!

Following the recent sad death of the Godfather of Gore, join Stu Willis as he savours Arrow Video’s stunning collection SHOCK AND GORE: THE FILMS OF HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS. The gory exploitation goodness just keeps coming with Arrow’s release of the Shaun Huston trash gem SLUGS alongside some more recent genre fare from Arrow including a shocking visit with THE NEIGHBOUR and short film smorgasbord TALES OF HALLOWEEN.

RIP Godfather of Gore!
Extreme Horror, Found Footage and Kubrick’s War!

What happens when you bring together Unearthed Films and Ruggero Deodato? Find out as Stu checks out Lex Ortega’s extreme horror gem ATROZ. Next Stu heads into the hills for Brandon Scullion's gripping feature debut CONSUMPTION but soon loses the will to live with yet another soul destroying ‘found footage’ flick THE PURGING HOUR. Thankfully sanity and order is restored as Stu submerses himself in Stanley Kubrick’s seminal gem PATHS OF GLORY.

Extreme Horror!
Wes Craven, David Hess and Undead Bikers!

Wes Craven fans are in for a treat as Arrow Video unleash THE HILLS HAVE EYES and the spirit of William Castle lives on in MATINEE while a video nasty favourite arrives on blu-ray when Stu visits the HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK. Next up, Patricia Arquette gets possessed in Eureka!s HD release of STIGMATA and there’s a double dose of vintage genre film fun from the BFI with Ken Russell’s timeless classic WOMEN IN LOVE and Don Sharp’s undead biker gem PSYCHOMANIA.

Berryman on blu-ray!
Modern Terrors and Short Shocks!

SGM’s favourite stunt woman Zoe Bell takes centre stage in the violent shocker CAMINO while filmmaker Adam de la Cour delivers some short shocks with MR TOPPS. Next up, join Stu as he checks out the latest releases from Left Films with the modern horror inspired BIND and gothic horror slasher THE DEVIL'S WOODS while Unearthed Films pummel your senses with the nightmarish MECANIX.

Zoe Bell-tastic!
Arrow Video Review Frenzy!

Join Stu Willis as he delves into a slew of celluloid treats from Arrow Video kicking off with some Ken Russell mayhem in CRIMES OF PASSION, Robert Quarry sharpens his fangs in THE COUNT YORGA COLLECTION and we ask whodunit in Duccio Tessari’s THE BLOODSTAINED BUTTERFLY. Next Stu takes a trip to Brian Trenchard-Smith’s DEAD END DRIVE-IN then sees if Arrow can breathe life into trash oddity MICROWAVE MASSACRE and ‘pinky violence’ fans are in for a treat with FEMALE PRISONER SCORPION: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION.

Pinky violence fun!
Frights, the Undead and Bava Remade!

FrightFest deliver more home video terror with the twisted LANDMINE GOES CLICK and found-footage flick THE UNFOLDING while Arrow Films unleash Sheldon Wilson’s UNSPOKEN. Stu also checks out David W Warfield’s dream-like ROWS, ponders how much bite there is in the remake of Mario Bava’s RABID DOGS and the undead have been sent to Coventry in Steven Tayler’s IMMUNE.

Bava remade!
Urban Shocks, Fangs, Fräuleins and the Apocalypse!

Writer-director Jason Figgis is back with truly gripping urban shocker DON'T YOU RECOGNISE ME? while the world is in flames and the clock is ticking in THESE FINAL HOURS and we head into orbit for Glenn Payne’s EARTHRISE. Next up, nerves are frayed in Alex Ross Perry’s QUEEN OF EARTH and Stu sinks his fangs into punk werewolf treat SHEEP SKIN and dons his jackboots on for exploitation trash HELGA, SHE WOLF OF STILBERG.

Frightful Fräuleins!
Iggy Pop, Indie shocks and Frighfest Returns!

It’s time for the return of the ‘Frightfest Presents’ line from ICON Entertainment with strange goings-on in the bathroom in Jaron Henrie-McCrea’s CURTAIN, we go back to school in Ruth Platt’s THE LESSON and there’s a novel post-slasher study in LAST GIRL STANDING. Things go from bad to awful when the Ouija board comes out in JONAH LIVES and Saw fans will have a sense of deja-vu when they’re watching CAPTIVE and Iggy Pop shares his thespian skills in Toby Tobias’ BLOOD ORANGE.

Frightfest returns!
Rape, Revenge and the Dandy Dead!

Join Stu Willis as he kicks back with a selection of the latest genre releases including zom-com ME AND MY MATES VS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE and rape revenge shocker EVEN LAMBS HAVE TEETH from Matchbox Films. Next up, Metrodome bring us grim Brit Crime flick HARD TIDE and Lucile Hadzihalilovic’s beguiling EVOLUTION while Lionsgate wrap up the fun with entertaining oddity PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES.

Downton Dead!
Savage Sinema Spotlight – Mark Savage Interviewed

Australian filmmaker Mark Savage made his first feature (MARAUDERS) at the age of 24 and has never looked back since, so with the release of his latest film STRESSED TO KILL our very own Stuart Willis caught up with Mark to discuss his career, the new movie and future plans in our exclusive SGM Spotlight interview.

Savage Sinema!
Kills, Chills and Chevy Chase?!

Arrow Video continue to please fans of Italian Horror with the double bill box set showcasing Emilio Miraglia’s KILLER DAMES while Eureka unleash another Masters of Cinema with Robert Altman’s psychological thriller THAT COLD DAY IN THE PARK. Brian Bosworth dons some leathers next when he becomes STONE COLD while John Landis heads off a beaten track with THREE AMIGOS! (yes, those Three Amigos!) from 101 Films.

Italian gems!
HD Trash Treats and Cult Classics!

Join Stu Willis as he peruses a mix of HD retro releases including John S Rad’s cult trash treat DANGEROUS MEN and William Peter Blatty’s underrated gem THE NINTH CONFIGURATION. Then we’re off to Italy for Piero Regnoli's camp gothic treat THE PLAYGIRLS AND THE VAMPIRE and Ferdinando Baldi’s Peckinpah inspired COMIN' AT YA!

Cannibals, Corpses and Found Footage

Horror cinema covers quite a diverse genre mix as Stu found when he checked out S Craig Zahler’s stunning cannibal western BONE TOMAHAWK and BLOODSUCKING BOSSES, a film pitched as THE OFFICE meets SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Meanwhile in the UK, horror seems to be sticking to key themes as seen in modern British ghost story THE FORGOTTEN and frightful ‘found footage’ flick CLASSROOM 6.

Western gem!
Horror Hades – An Interview with Kevin Kopacka

Adept painter and a graduate of Berlin's University of Fine Arts, Kevin Kopacka makes his mark on celluloid with his short film HADES. Join Stuart Willis as he discusses his work and influences in our Spotlight Interview.

Hades Horror!
Grand Guignol Grue and Obscure Terror Treats!

It’s a great time for cult film fans as the Bfi release Jose Ramon Larraz’s long lost rarity SYMPTOMS while Eureka! delight conspiracy theory fans with Sydney Pollack's THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR. Next up Stu Willis slips on his black leather gloves for a double bill of Luciano Ercoli gialli in DEATH WALKS while Nucleus Films are back with a double dose of Grand Guignol fun as Jack Palance hams it up in CRAZE and David McGillivray delivers some anthology grue in WORST FEARS.

Cult gems!
Splatter, Screams and Ghoulies!

Herbert West is back with a bumper blu-ray treat for splatter fans in Arrow Video’s special edition release of BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR while 101 Films have been delving into Empire Pictures cool back catalogue for blu-ray editions of Luca Bercovici's GHOULIES and Albert Band’s GHOULIES 2. Left Films meantime are flying the flag for upcoming filmmakers with Cary Hill's slasher SCREAM PARK – check ‘em out!

Fangs, Found Footage and Cult Gems!

Cult film fans have never had it so good as they’re pampered yet again by the fine folk at Arrow Video with the glorious AMERICAN HORROR PROJECT VOLUME 1 while their subsidiary label Arrow Films unleash THE PACK. Stu Willis also ponder some other new releases as he sees if Left Films can thrill us with NOBODY CAN COOL then loses the will to live when he visits JERUZALEM before pondering the value of ‘remakes’ when he checks out MARTYRS.

Cult gems!
Indie Horror – Alive and Screaming!

Indie horror is most definitely alive and screaming as Stu discovered when he checked out filmmaker Richard Griffin’s homage to Italian horror flicks FLESH FOR THE INFERNO then there’s vomit, gore, nudity aplenty in MADNESS OF MANY and the world of IT gets somewhat chilling in NIGHTMARE CODE. Thankfully there’s also some light relief as Stu joins Caesar and Otto for a PARANORMAL HALLOWEEN then it’s time for the ‘terribly’ entertaining MANSION OF BLOOD before things get very cheesy indeed in CAPTAIN Z AND THE TERROR OF LEVIATHAN.

Homage horror!
HD Slashers, Exploitation and Japanese Gems!

There’s a great selection of high definition treats for genre film fans in the UK these days as Stu Willis found when he checked out Arrow Video’s release of the under the radar slasher gem THE MUTILATOR and Takashi Miike's classic AUDITION. Staying in the East, Stu takes a look at Japanese filmmaker "Beat" Takeshi Kitano’s KIKUJIRO from Third Window Films then it’s time for a double helping of blu-ray cheese with Severin Films BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR and 88 Films CANNIBAL WOMEN IN THE AVACADO JUNGLE OF DEATH.

Slasher treat!
Long Live the New Wave of Horror!

Prolific writer-director Jason Figgis is back with another indie treat as Stu found when he took a sneak peek at URBAN TRAFFIK then it’s time for some metal thrashin’ splatter fun in Jason Lei Howden's DEATHGASM. We’re off to France next for a look at Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury’s AMONG THE LIVING then wrap the indie film fun with Jason Bognacki's feature debut MARK OF THE WITCH and James Baack’s low budget shocker WEREWOLF MASSACRE AT HELL'S GATE.

Metal mayhem!
Zombies, Cannibals and Smokin’ Monkeys!

88 Films continue to champion their crown as the UK Kings of the High Definition Video Nasties with yet more vintage gore goodies in the shape of the formally banned EVILSPEAK, the controversial trash treat EMANUELLE AND THE LAST CANNIBALS, the absurdly entertaining ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 2 and the sleeper gem HITCH-HIKE – check ‘em all out!

Video nasty gem!
Argento, Kitano and Retro Gore!

Arrow Video surpass themselves yet again with their new blu-ray release of the Argento classic DEEP RED while Third Window Films are pleasing fans of writer/director/actor Takeshi Kitano with a welcome blu-ray release of HANA-BI and Metrodome pay homage to 1980s slasher flicks with the bloody fun LOST AFTER DARK.

4K Giallo Gem!
Severin Films Franco Frenzy!

We’re pleased to see that Severin Films are back in Blighty with a trio of high definition Jess Franco blu-ray treats including sleazy video nasty fave BLOODY MOON, the trippy Franco mindfuck VAMPYROS LESBOS and the stunning Soledad Miranda is out for revenge in SHE KILLED IN ECSTASY.

Video nasty gem!
Ninjas, Giallos and Brutal Gore!

Join Stu Willis as takes a trip back to the 80s with Franco Nero and Sho Kosugi in the absurdly entertaining Cannon Films collection THE NINJA TRILOGY, then it’s time for some vintage giallo gem fun from Arrow Video with Massimo Dallamano's WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO SOLANGE? then we come right back to date with Phil Stevens' disturbingly beautiful FLOWERS from Unearthed Films..

Cannon classics!
Brit Shocks Update!

Time for a round-up of some recent indie Brit flicks as Stu checks out David Blair’s psychological drama THE MESSENGER then he heads into the hills for Peter Nicholson’s DARTMOOR KILLING before heading over to Northern Ireland for George Clarke’s brutal THE BLOOD HARVEST.

Brit frights!
Cult Killers, Slacker Shocks and Living with Zombies!

There’s a lot of exciting independent features being produced Stateside as Stu found when he checked out the refreshingly savvy twist on the zombie genre A PLAGUE SO PLEASANT, then spent the night indulging in some devil worshipping chills in Anthony DiBlasi’s LAST SHIFT and treating himself to some Texan terror and slacker shocks in Lex Lyland’s MEET ME THERE.

US shocks!
Blood Brothers - The Return of the Rasmussen Brothers

After being thrust into the horror spotlight writing John Carpenter’s THE WARD, brothers Michael and Shawn Rasmussen continued to build on their success with shocker DARK FEED and are back with yet another horror treat THE INHABITANTS. To celebrate the release SGM’s Stuart Willis caught up with the brothers for an exclusive Spotlight Interview.

Blood brothers!
Trio of Arrow Terror Treats!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out a trio of terror treats from the fine folk at Arrow Video including the controversial corpse fucking classic NEKROMANTIK 2, the very special edition of slasher sleeper BLOOD RAGE and Ulli Lommel’s true horror classic TENDERNESS OF THE WOLVES.

Corpse fucking classic!
Tis The Season To Be Shocked!

The holiday season is upon us yet again so what better way to get into the ‘spirit’ of things than some portmanteau frights in A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY then join illustrious names such as Fred Astaire and Douglas Fairbanks Jr for a very spooky GHOST STORY. The star names just keep on coming as Stu checks out Rock Hudson in John Frankenheimer's stunning downbeat classic SECONDS then we come crashing right back up to date with actor/writer/director Joe Bauer’s indie horror THE KILLAGE.

Ho Ho Horror!
Fearful Frights and Ghostly Goings-On!

Time to dim the lights for some good old-fashioned horror fun with Gregory Blair's feature debut DEADLY REVISIONS then there’s some ghostly goings-on with A HAUNTING AT PRESTON CASTLE. Next up we welcome guest reviewer Matt Mills as he finds himself at DEATH’S DOOR before revisting some shocking short films from CLIVE BARKER’S ORIGINS.

Debut delight!
Cushing, Cenobites and Killer Cats!

Arrow Video have such sights to show us as they unleash a double bill of Italian gems with EDGAR ALLAN POE'S BLACK CATS and the sublime (sold out before it hit the shelves) HELLRAISER - THE SCARLET BOX. Not to be outdone, the Eureka Entertainment deliver some genre classics when Cornel Wilde becomes THE NAKED PREY and Peter Cushing turns nasty in THE SKULL.

Cenobite classics!
Cannibals, Zombies and Slasher Shocks!

88 Films are fast becoming the champions of exploitation cinema as their catalogue of High Definition horrors continues to grow so join Stu as he pulls on his jackboots and heads to the SS EXPERIMENT CAMP; next he’s off to the jungle for a ZOMBI HOLOCAUST before checking in to hospital for an X-RAY and after all that trauma it’s time to hang out with the kids at the SPLATTER UNIVERSITY.

Video Nasty!
Stu’s Indie Review Round Up

Join Stu Willis as he ponders if gore is all you need as he looks into THE TOOLBOX MURDERS 2 then he delves in to the mind of filmmaker Akcay Karaazmak to try unravel REMINISCENCE: THE BEGINNING. Shinya Tsukamoto delivers another dark gem with A SNAKE OF JUNE while Pollyanna McIntosh dons a police uniform in Brian O'Malley’s shocker LET US PREY.

Indie shocks!
Hammer Horror, Cult Classics and Indie Vamps!

Join Stu Willis as he heads to Austria for the greatest ‘home invasion’ film of them all; Gerard Kargl's sleeper gem ANGST then we’re off to Paris for some vintage Hammer Horror fun with Eureka’s blu-ray release of THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH. Giallo thrills with a haunting Ennio Morricone theme is the order of the day in Umberto Lenzi's SPASMO from 88 Films and Stu gets his fangs in to indie vampire flick THE CARETAKERS.

Sleeper shocker gem!
Zombies, Serial Killers and Exploitation Frenzy!

Join Stu Willis as he checks out Arrow Video’s new blu-ray release of Umberto Lenzi’s absurdly entertaining NIGHTMARE CITY then it’s time for some post-apocalyptic fun in FUTURE JUSTICE, sasquatchploitation action in THROWBACK and serial killer thrills in HOUSE ON THE HILL. Next up, we join Mary Woronov in HELLHOLE then meet Pier Carpi's dreadfully fun SATAN'S WIFE before spending some time with Zach Lasry’s deranged short SETH.

Zombie fun!
Monsters, Found Footage and the New Flesh!

Join Stu Willis as he delves into Arrow Video’s special edition release of David Cronenberg’s seminal shocker VIDEODROME and Joe Giannone's spin on the summer camp slasher with MADMAN. Next up, we’re off to the Middle East for MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT then back home to Blighty for some hard hitting horror drama in BAIT before landing in Ireland for some frightful ‘found footage’ with INVOKED.

Long live the new Flesh!
Long Live the New Flesh!

Our very own Stu Willis must be one of the busiest scribes around as on top of his hard work here at SGM he’s found time to write and now publish his debut book THE NEW FLESH: 21ST CENTURY HORROR FILMS A-Z, VOLUME 1 which is now available in ebook and paperback at Amazon here.

A comprehensive guide to modern horror cinema; this first edition covers over 300 films ranging from the rising stars of independent cinema to the mainstream greats. All reviews are new and exclusive to this book offering a synopsis, critique of the film in question and titbits of trivia - along with nods to the movies of old that provide their influence. If you haven’t already done so, order your copy now!

Long Live The New Flesh!


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